September 22, 2022

My Toronto Vintage Clothing Show Shopping wishlist!

The Toronto Vintage Clothing show is around the corner!! I'm sure most of you guys already know, but The Toronto Vintage clothing show is a bi annual vintage show!  The show is happening this weekend, Saturday September 24th and Sunday September 25th at the queen Elizabeth building at exhibition!  If you want more information check out their website here.  The vintage show is usually where I get a bulk of my vintage clothing and accessories!  It's a great place to be around like minded people who love and appreciate vintage as much as I do!  so all and all its a great place to be!  This season I wanted to create a blog post with a "shopping list" or "wishlist" of the types of pieces I'll be looking for.... which can be summed  to anything Lily Collins wears in the Last Tycoon (WHY DID THEY CANCEL IT!) However I'm sure there will be other things that will also catch my eye while I walk around. 


1940s Peplum Matching sets

Since the Toronto Vintage clothing show in the spring, where I bought my first 1940s peplum matching set I've been OBSESSED!  They are so beautiful and flattering!  I also tried one on when I went to Ian Drummonds studio, it was navy blue with a puffed out peplum, so stunning! (You can find the reel on my instagram!) I am hoping to find a piece like that, and maybe one that would be suitable for the fall! 

Feminine 1930s and 1940s dresses

I have been in LOVE with delicate little 1930s and 1940s dresses. This is probably at the top of my list as well. I love all of the details and colour contrasts. Hopefully I am able to find one in my size and in good condition. I'll be happy with purchasing at least one! fingers crossed!

Fit and flare Coat

This might be a bit of a harder find but I would LOVE a fit and flare coat that is long enough to cover my long plaid wool skirts. I always struggle with finding coats that are long enough for my 1940s and 50s skirts. I would like a more fit and flare style, maybe with a bit of fur on the collar? but thats just an added bonus. I would like a chocolate brown, camel or navy ideally, but black would work as well.

Delicate blouses

I struggle finding blouses at the thrift store because most of the ones I find are either modern or from the 80s, I find them all to be too baggy and the materials are stiff or too synthetic. Feminine blouses are hard to come by but I know the Toronto Vintage clothing show always has some, I always pass on them because they tend to be more expensive and I would rather buy a dress....but then I don't have blouses to pair with my skirts lol. So I suppose I should invest in some. 

Knit/Crochet Dresses

I have one crochet dress that I got earlier this summer and it was one of my favourite outfits I wore this season!  You might remember that I wore it when I went to Niagara on the lake (Link here). I loved the way it looked and I would love to add a few more to my collection!  The one I have is from the 70s but it has a more vintage look with the right accessories !  ideally thats what I would like to find because they would be sturdier and cheaper lol.... But if I found one from the 1930s I would be over the moon! 

1940s Black or Navy skirt 

This is a bit more specific and I couldn't find a photo of the exact skirt I'm looking for but I think you guys will get the idea with the photos below. I am looking for either a black or navy (or both) 1940s skirt. it would be a basic in my closet and something I can wear with a lot of sweaters and blouses. Maybe something with an interesting detail or pleating in the front (Middle) 


Halo Hat

You know I couldn't do a wishlist for the vintage show without including a hat!  I feel like every girl has a favourite accessory, whether its handbags or shoes... and as much as I love those too I am definitely a hat girl! and I've found that halo hats are the most flattering for my face shape!  So I am looking to add some to my collection, maybe a heart shaped one or OOOH one with a bit of vintage fur! 

Large Flower Pin/Brooch

I always see photos from the 1940s and women are wearing flower brooches or pins, sometimes they have the same flower in their hair but I'm focusing more on the brooch. I think they are beautiful and I've tried to make them myself but I can't seem to be able to get them to look the same so I'm crossing my fingers that I find one. 

Those are the main things I'll be on the hunt for at the Toronto Vintage clothing show! Although realistically I'll probably find some other items that I love while I walk around the show! They always have such a large selection of vintage items and its really hard to not buy everything LOL. I'll be there both days so if you spot me in the crowd make sure you come up and say hello! :) SEE YOU THERE! 

September 20, 2022

Honouring Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II  1926-2022

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8th 2022. I've been meaning to write a whole blog about her passing but I've been heartbroken ever since I heard the news. In the morning of September 8th I read that the Queen was under medical watch and that members of the royal family were flying out to be by her side. I knew that wasn't good and could only mean one thing.... I kept looking at the news for updates.  I was in the car when I heard of her passing and I couldn't stop crying. I rushed home to watch all of the news coverage and cried all over again. The Queen has been a  role model and constant for people around the world, myself included. I Loved the Queen since I was a little girl. I remember being around 10 and being in a bookstore with my parents and asking for a book about the Queen. I still have that book in my collection. Since then I've received gifts from the Buckingham palace shop for Christmas and Birthdays, like a trinket box from the coronation collection and one from the platinum Jubilee. Along with coins and currency.  No one can say she wasn't a dedicated monarch, she always put the Crown and her people first. When her father King George VI unexpectedly took the throne he was advised by royal advisors to maybe try for another child in hopes that it would be a boy, giving way for a future king. He replied that he had observed his eldest daughter and that she would be perfect as Queen. He was right. 

The Day of Queen Elizabeths Funeral 

Yesterday Queen Elizabeth II was put to rest. It was a sad day that came after 10 days of mourning.  My morning began at 4am, I turned on the TV to watch the coverage before the funeral (London is 5 hours ahead of Toronto and the funeral started at 11am, London Time) I watched the news coverage for the first hour while I got ready. I sat down on the couch at 5am to watch as people as they entered Westminister Abbey. Politicians and royal families from around the world gathered among with family members to put the Queen to rest. I had a black outfit laid out, a black sheer short sleeve blouse and a black wool skirt. It was a bit cold in the morning so I grabbed a black cardigan and I added my black flower mourning pin. I also wore my double pearl necklace to honour the Queen, Since she famously wore her pearl necklace with 3 strands (It was the closest I had). I also had my vintage black lace mourning scarf to put over my head. At 6am the funeral service began. 

The Funeral was one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen. Truly fit for a Queen. There is so much tradition and history deep routed in the entire ceremony. After the funeral was over I was looking at footage from King George VI (The Queens father) funeral and there were so many similarities. I can't even begin to imagine the honour it must feel for everyone involved, especially the boys selected to carry the coffin. But mostly my heart was with the Queen and the Royal Family. They not only lost their Queen but also their mother, Grandmother, great grandmother. King Charles looked distraught at the end of the service. It must be really hard for the royal family to put on a brave face because the whole world is watching. It was also nice to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte in attendance to honour their great grandmother. Princess Charlotte was wearing a horseshoe brooch gifted to her by the Queen. 

 Family Breakfast to honour Queen Elizabeth II 

I had a family breakfast with my Parents and my sister to hour the Queen, My mom also brought a guest... let me know if you spot him in one of the photos below lol.  While the procession was going on (Which was spectacular) I made some scones! They turned out amazing and it was nice to gather around as a family to watch the rest of the funeral service together. I brought out one of my tea cups, which I love but never use because I don't like tea... sorry. So I drank my coffee from it instead lol. I also put some white flowers (mums I believe) as a centerpiece on the table along with some greenery. I tried to keep it light and simple, yet elegant for breakfast.   

Signing The Book of Condolences

Before I wrap up this post I also wanted to mention that I went to sign the Book of Condolences for the Queen on Wednesday September 13th. I know the royal family will never see my message but I wanted to sign it and write a little message anyway. I went really early thinking there would be a big line... I arrive and I got a parking spot right by the door "must be my lucky day!". I didn't see a line outside, I walk in and its empty. I had to ask information where the book was, it was in the back corner behind a column. It was a nice and simple display with flags and white flowers. There were two thin books and they had about 10-15 messages each. I was a little sad to see it so empty.... I suppose most people opted to sign it online ? 

Final Thoughts

The flags looked amazing while the procession went down the middle of the street, it was truly a  magnificent sight. I was also proud that the Canadian mounties were asked to lead the procession. Canada is part of the commonwealth, thats why we have such strong ties to the Queen and the Royal Family. I spent the rest of the day watching all the documentaries and specials that they played on TV after the second service. I'll be looking at the selection Netflix and Amazon prime  has during the week. I love looking at footage and photos from when the Queen was little, there is something about that time period  and the way the film looks that really inspires me,  I've used it as inspiration for some of my own work. I have so much respect for everything she's endured during her reign, she was a symbol of endurance and stability. Not to mention we all saw her as a grandmother figure....with amazing style!  I still can't believe she's gone... it really is the end of an era. God save the Queen. 

September 18, 2022

Red and Cream

This is my first set of photos after cutting my hair! I actually shot this RIGHT after I filmed my hair video (Link here). I couldn't be happier with how it turned out ! It makes any outfit looks more authentic. During the course of this year I've focused on more 1940s styles, and I would love to dip into the 1930s. But I can't seem to find pieces from that time period. This dress is actually from the 90s but I paired it with a vintage hat (1940s) and vintage style shoes and I think it makes the dress look much older than it is!  I love the flutter sleeve details and the ruffle collar. I also brought an umbrella because they were calling for rain... it didn't rain but the light was beautiful!  it's always beautiful this time of year until the end of December. I cant wait to show you more outfits with my new hair!