September 30, 2016

Light blue plaid

i have always loved plaid skirts i don't know what it is... i always watched British private school movies and thought their uniforms were so pretty, so i think thats kinda served as fashion inspiration comes from. Growing up i did go to catholic school, at the time elementary school kids wore regular clothes but once you entered high school you wore a uniform. When i was younger i would look at all the high school girls i couldn't wait to wear the maroon grey and black kilts. But as luck has it the year i entered high school the quilts were removed from the uniform and everyone was forced to wear ugly baggy grey pants, i was heartbroken. i am all for uniforms! it makes it easier in the morning,  it also made civies days (non uniform days, once a month) much more exciting. BUT my problem was how ugly the uniforms were, ugly baggy grey pants... oversized blouses, the sweaters were huge, i would buy XS and they would eat me alive because they were so big. It make everyone look so frumpy... now i'm not saying make these uniforms super fitted and skin tights but at least make the uniforms fit... and a cute cardigan wouldn't hurt.  But anyway on my spare time i wore my pretty plaid skirts which i still can't live without ! if you watched my August/florida haul (link here) you would know that i recently got this plaid skirt from American apparel and i might have to go back to get more colours. All the other plaid skirts i own are in the standard colours, red blue dark green... that sorta thing. Its nice to have a  non standard colour to spice things up.

September 28, 2016

Gucci inspired sweater

Once again i am wearing my denim skirt i swear i can't seem to be able to take it off!  it matches with everything, i would have to say its the best purchase i have made this year. Who would of thought that i would be so into denim. For years i stayed away from anything denim i don't know why i always had it in my mind that i couldn't wear denim but i've been loving it lately. As for this sweater i saw this at forever 21 (still in stores, link below!) and it reminded me of those red and green gucci belts and i knew i had to have it i think its so cute and perfect for the fall. For a little bit of interest i added these studded black kitten heels and a burgundy pom pom. I am still obsessed with pom poms i have basically collected every single colour  i think it is such a cute addition to any bag.

September 26, 2016

Red Statement Purse

Happy Monday !! i hope you all had a wonderful weekend i spend Friday and Saturday with my boyfriend and my family. On Sunday i had a photoshoot in the morning and the rest of the day i dedicated to switching over my closet from spring/summer to fall/winter.... it was a big job! i spent about 6 hours working on it and i am still not done! Winter coats take up about half of my closet, i really wish i could condense but i love them all so much i can't part ways with them... so much time was spent squeezing clothes into my small closet. Speaking of closets i don't know why this country makes closets to small, who designs such small closets! As you can probably tell i will have to finish putting away my fall/winter stuff tonight because my room looks like a bomb exploded i don't know how i slept to be honest. But anyway enough about that.. for this outfit i am wearing this cream ruffled blouse with these silk/chiffon blend shorts, which are made to look like they are made out of  a houndstooth tweed material. They are actually incredibly comfortable ! because it is a bit chilly out i grabbed this black cardigan that has a chain detailing on the front edges and the pocket. But my favourite part of this outfit is that bag ! i found this in a random boutique in niagara on the lake and it was just so interesting and unique i had to get it! i love great finds like that. Hopefully i am able to find some interesting things when i go shopping on Wednesday... which i probably shouldn't do because i have no more room in my closet haha.... but whats another sweater or two.

September 23, 2016

Prairie blouse

It was the first day of fall fall yesterday ! That means this weekend i'll be switching over my closet from spring/summer to fall/winter and i can finally get rid of the pile of shopping bags in the corner of my room filled with new fall stuff i've purchased lately. There are so many cute things in stores right now i just want to buy everything!! i think there are so many great trends this season and a little bit for everyone, i feel like the past few seasons stores have stuck to one specific look and it was everywhere and everyone was wearing the same things. But the game has changed and there are things for everyone, its really exciting haha. For this look i wore this dark denim skirt... i know i keep featuring this skirt but its just so perfect and goes with everything ! (not going to lie... you'll be seeing a lot of it because i am in love) i paired it with this blue prairie blouse which i think so so pretty for fall i love the femininity and vintage feel it has (which you know i am all about) but for a little pop of glitter i added these sparkly shoes and this glittery Chanel brooch.

September 21, 2016

Tweed shoes

It's crazy to think that today is the official last day of summer ! don't get me wrong i am very excited but time is moving to fast... almost too fast. Stores already started setting up their christmas sections and its like... relax its technically still summer. What happened to the harvest/thanksgiving set ups?? and they totally looked over halloween, why are stores always in a rush to shove christmas down our throats... i love christmas probably more than the average person but i don't like looking at it for over 3 months because by the time christmas does come then everyone is bored of looking at it and the magic is gone, it just feels like part of the every day. i know that sounds super negative and not very cheer-y of me but i want to enjoy each holiday and not rush. well that aside we are still having some hot days here in Toronto, today feels like 31 so i would be ok sitting by the pool. For this outfit i am wearing one of my favourite black high waited shorts, i think the A-line shape is so flattering and i love how fitted they are at the waist. Believe it or not i always have problems finding bottoms that fit my waist, most tent to run too big. For my shirt i am wearing this bell sleeved white blouse with black lacing its so so femenine and i feel like it matches just about anything. For my favourite part of the outfit... the SHOES i love these little tweed shoes from nine west they are so comfortable and they add a touch of elegance to any outfit.