September 28, 2016

Gucci inspired sweater

Once again i am wearing my denim skirt i swear i can't seem to be able to take it off!  it matches with everything, i would have to say its the best purchase i have made this year. Who would of thought that i would be so into denim. For years i stayed away from anything denim i don't know why i always had it in my mind that i couldn't wear denim but i've been loving it lately. As for this sweater i saw this at forever 21 (still in stores, link below!) and it reminded me of those red and green gucci belts and i knew i had to have it i think its so cute and perfect for the fall. For a little bit of interest i added these studded black kitten heels and a burgundy pom pom. I am still obsessed with pom poms i have basically collected every single colour  i think it is such a cute addition to any bag.

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