September 21, 2016

Tweed shoes

It's crazy to think that today is the official last day of summer ! don't get me wrong i am very excited but time is moving to fast... almost too fast. Stores already started setting up their christmas sections and its like... relax its technically still summer. What happened to the harvest/thanksgiving set ups?? and they totally looked over halloween, why are stores always in a rush to shove christmas down our throats... i love christmas probably more than the average person but i don't like looking at it for over 3 months because by the time christmas does come then everyone is bored of looking at it and the magic is gone, it just feels like part of the every day. i know that sounds super negative and not very cheer-y of me but i want to enjoy each holiday and not rush. well that aside we are still having some hot days here in Toronto, today feels like 31 so i would be ok sitting by the pool. For this outfit i am wearing one of my favourite black high waited shorts, i think the A-line shape is so flattering and i love how fitted they are at the waist. Believe it or not i always have problems finding bottoms that fit my waist, most tent to run too big. For my shirt i am wearing this bell sleeved white blouse with black lacing its so so femenine and i feel like it matches just about anything. For my favourite part of the outfit... the SHOES i love these little tweed shoes from nine west they are so comfortable and they add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

5 comments on "Tweed shoes "
  1. Love this outfit girl :)


  2. The black waisted shorts are so nice, love the outfit!


  3. The shoes are so cute and gorgeous. Really like this outfit!

  4. Amazing look, I love seeing your outfits in my thumbnail. You are the little preppy touch of my day :)

  5. The post is so great! I love it so much:)
    Have a nice day!