September 05, 2016

Disney Springs | Downtown Disney

I am now back in Toronto, but while in florida i went to Disney springs (previously downtown disney) i hadn't been in 3 years and they have expanded it and it looks amazing !!  they added a new section that has stores such as Zara, Anthropologie, Uniqlo, Lilly Pulitzer, Sephora and more !  i love going to disney springs its nice to look around the disney stores get dinner and now you can also shop (and as you know if there is shopping involved i am there) Another thing i love about disney springs is the Bibbity Bobbidi Boutique which is where they turn young girls into their favourite disney princess, which includes costume, makeup and hair i think its the cutest thing ever and i would have loved to do that as a child. While in florida i focused on getting some new fall clothes because obviously it is now September and the weather will rapidly change. I cant wait to try out some new trends in the fall, a few posts back i talked about wanting to evolve my style and try new things i'll link the post here if you haven't seen it, i bought a few new pieces that i am very excited to try, Things such as a bomber jacket, an embroidered backpack, Emoji pins and more.  I am really excited to share these new things with you guys! But as far as this outfit goes i went with something really simple while i was on vacation so i wore this cropped striped shirt (which is currently on sale !  link below) navy loose shorts, an oversized blazer draped over my shoulders and of course for a pop of colour i went for this bright green purse ! 

11 comments on "Disney Springs | Downtown Disney "
  1. Very stylish! I love what you did with your combo with that green bag!
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  2. That bag is SO cute!!

  3. You're so gorgeous dear and that bag is just fantastic! <3

  4. A bomber jacket is really a style change on you isn't it?! But I'm sure you will look good in it!

    xo Margaret |

  5. Love the green bag, such a great addition to your outfit!


  6. hey pretty :) you look gorgeous <3 I love your top and your bag :) green is def your color :)

  7. Great post babe x

  8. Love it. when I went to Disney it was so hot, so i couldn't pull off any kind of fashion. I'd literally melt outside the hotel. But glad you can rock some fashion there :)

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  9. You look so chic & classy!
    -Kate //

  10. I really like the colors and really pretty skirt! Nice look ❤

    Her Silhouette /

  11. This is such a stylish outfit! I love the blazer and the bag :D