September 23, 2019

Geometric Print Vest

Its officially the first day of fall.... but you wouldn't know it by stepping outside LOL!  This past week we've had 30 degree weather and I'm still spending the day tanning and enjoying the last few days of summer weather.  This outfit I wore on one of the "colder days" and its this plum mini skirt from Forever 21 (Link here)  and a sweater vest with a similar plum tone, also from Forever 21 (link here). I layered that over a plain white cotton blouse from Abercrombie and Fitch (Similar). For my belt I am wearing this white belt with a square buckle that used to belong to my mom (She gave it to me recently) and a white headband. Hope you guys like this look get me know what you think in the comments below! 
September 16, 2019

Vintage Red and White

Fall weather has slowly started to make an appearance but we still have some days that feel like summer. It's not warm enough to switch over my closet for the fall and winter so I've been wearing all my dark coloured summer clothes. Red has probably been my most worn colour these past weeks (ok when isn't it) and I'm obsessed with this outfit and I cant wait to wear it again !  I am wearing this sleeveless turtleneck that actually belonged to my mom, I'm obsessed with the colour and its made from the softest material! My shorts are vintage from the Ian Drummond Collection, again the colour is stunning and the fit my waist perfectly ! For the collar I just used this collar that I got from Amazon (Link Here), I bought it on a whim to layer over plain dresses but haven't had a chance to wear it yet, but I think it works perfectly with this outfit ! It transforms the outfit from something plain to a more vintage and put together look especially when paired with this cream hat. For my shoes I just kept it minimal and wore these red sling backs! 
September 11, 2019

Orange and Blue Polka Dot

I can't believe summer is coming to an end ! This year has gone by slowly, but fast at the same time ? Day to day is seems like its going by really slow and time seems to drags on but looking back on the year... it flew by... does that even make sense? Hopefully it does lol.  September came with a cold breeze and you can feel that fall is near! I for one LOVE fall!  the time between October and New years has so be the best time of the year. We can all agree that fall fashion is the best, you can layer and really get the most out of your closet without freezing to death. We've had a couple of "cold" days so far so i've worn all my darker coloured summer dresses to help me transition into the fall. I'm not qute ready to switch over my closet for the season but I'm sure I'll get around to doing that in the next few weeks.  As for this outfit I am wearing this Vintage 1960's dress that I got at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show, which actually happens to be coming up later this month! Link HERE for more info!  This Hat is a vintage hat I got while I was in florida (If you haven't seen my Haul the link is HERE!)  My shoes are from Call it Spring from a few years ago and finally my purse is from Teddy Blake, Unfortunately this colour is sold out but they do have a GORGEOUS green colour that would be perfect for the upcoming fall link here!