June 25, 2023

Belated Birthday

Ooof I feel like I've been playing catch up with all of the photos/videos from my trip. I've been home for a week and a few days and its finally all up ! All thats missing is the haul (which I already filmed). I wanted all of the travel posts to go together, uninterrupted so this blog post is a week late haha. The Saturday after I got back I went out to dinner to celebrate my Birthday (My real birthday is June 1st). I went out with my friends, Adrienne, Mikayla and Richelle! We went to Biffs Bistro, a french restaurant on Front St. It was my first time there and it was delicious! I had a burger with raclette cheese and caramelized onions (and a side of fries of course!). For dessert we had lemon cake with a blueberry sauce (also delish!) We had an amazing time chatting with our drinks on the patio until the sun went down. All of a sudden we noticed they were closing up and we were the last people sitting at the restaurant. In our defence the restaurant closed at 9:30 which is shockingly early for a restaurant, especially in the city.  I pulled out a vintage dress for the occasion, one I thrifted about a month ago. Thank you for everyone that messaged me wishing me a happy birthday these past few weeks! 

June 22, 2023

London Baby!

My last day in London and the conclusion to my little European adventure. This day was filled with lots of walking and sightseeing. One of the firsts (and main) things I visited was Big Ben, which was more beautiful than I remember. The best view is definitely from the bridge, as you can see the houses of parliament along side it. Funny enough when I opened instagram this morning I saw one of the accounts I follow posted a clip of this exact same spot in 1896. It's crazy to see people walking in the exact same post over 100 years ago and how much life has changed. Here is the clip if you are interested !  Before Visiting Big Ben I paid a visit to Westminster Abbey, which is right around the corner.  After Big Ben was Trafalgar Square.... unfortunately its mostly under construction so it wasn't much of a sight at the moment.  But I carried on!  I stopped by the Savoy Hotel, a stop I wanted to make due to the amount of old Hollywood stars who have stayed there, including Marilyn Monroe. My next stop was Rules, the oldest restaurant in London. It might seem familiar if you've watched Downton Abbey. An absolutely breathtaking restaurant. I always go to the oldest restaurant in the cities I visit, I did the same in Paris and I also went to the Oldest restaurant in the world, located in Madrid.  
Not to list off my entire itinerary but the next stop was Covent Garden and I also stopped by Blackout 11 Vintage. The store was lovely filled with treasures on both floors!  Honestly I could've spend hours browsing through and trying on a million hats. I did buy a dress there but you'll have to watch my Haul on youtube (coming soon!). I ended the day in London fashion by eating in a pub. You all know me, I'm not a pub girl, we have tons of British and Irish Pubs here in Toronto but its not quite my cup of tea. But I figured I might as well go to at least one while in London. I had Barbecue chicken with caramelized onions and potatoes (yum!). And for dessert there was Sticky toffee Pudding, one of my favourite desserts so I knew I had to have at least one in London. 

As for my outfit: I am wearing a vintage 1940s dress, its in the most gorgeous Lavender shade that I think compliments my skin and hair colour quite nicely. Since the outfit is all one colour I tied in the colour of my hair to my shoes to balance it out (lol) so I wore these brown block heels. And of course I'm using that one vintage handbag I brought (sorry I know you are probably sick of it). 

Overall I had an amazing time on my trip! Trips usually go a lot faster than you want them to and I wish I could've stayed longer. But I was gone for two weeks so I guess I cant complain. I already have two videos up, my Milan travel diary and a Seville vlog. I'm still working on my London travel Diary so make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don't miss it XOXO

June 18, 2023

Buckingham Palace

One of the first stops I did when I got to London was Buckingham Palace! I've been to London Once and it was raining last time I visited so I feel like I didn't really get a chance to appreciate how beautiful it is. I got so lucky with the weather this time around, it was hot and sunny, perfect for walking around!  On this day I wore this pink short sleeve blouse with a cream pleated skirt. I added a cream crochet collar to give the top more detail. And of course my every day WWII necklace. After visiting the Palace I went to the gift shop and I bought a couple of things... cliche I know but I had to get some memorabilia for the late Queen Elizabeth II and another for Queen Victoria. I also stopped by Harrods and a few other places!  like Liberty department store. I had a wonderful time!  

June 17, 2023

Plaza De España

 Plaza de España is a MUST SEE place when in Seville. It's only a short walk, under 20ish minutes from from the Cathedral. It's also a really nice walk,  you can see things along the way. While it looks like it's been there around for years it was actually built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition in 1929.  It's breathtaking filled with colourful tiles and surrounded by water and gardens. You can actually rent little row boats to go along the water (something I have yet to do!) unfortunately they were setting up a stage in the middle (main) section for a concert ? so I couldn't take photos of the whole thing to show you. Either way it's still a beautiful piece of architecture and I try to visit every time I go to Seville. 
On this day I wore this royal blue polka dot dress.  Yes, I know I am back again with the polka dots!  I told you I've been buying a lot of polka dot pieces lately,  it's so random. Whats also unusual for me is this blue colour, It's not something I usually grab but I loved the details at the front. I thrifted it a couple of weeks before my trip. To tie in the white colour (literally) I added some white ribbon to the ends of my braids, and I wore some white flats. I felt so weird wearing flat shoes on my trip, you guys know I'm always in heels so it felt a bit usual for me haha. Or course I finished the look off with my locket and that one purse I've been using for my entire trip.  
This is my last Seville post, I hope you guys enjoyed them ! I have two posts to share from London which is where I headed to after Seville (If you follow me on instagram you'd know I'm a couple of days behind). See you in London!