April 26, 2017

70's Lookbook

I thought I would share with you guys some shots we took while filming my 70's Lookbook ! If you haven't seen its linked at the very end of this post ! As mentioned in previous posts I've been obsessed with the 70's lately, maybe its the carefree nature of it I'm not really sure but its been making me so happy. I've been going through all the stores trying to find clothes that resemble that era.... which to my luck is all on sale!  With the start of the spring all the stores are filled with pastel colours but I'm looking for more earth tones (orange, mustard, burgundy etc) which are usually associated with fall. Things I've been really into ate striped tops in particular mock necks, A line skirts, platform shoes and of course the coloured aviators that seem to be all over social media right now!  I was also lucky enough to find these really cool printed flared pants that I think depict the era perfectly! I was never one to wear flared pants (or pants in general, I'm more of a skirt girl) but flared pants are honestly so flattering I'm starting to fall in love.  I've been trying to find some movies to give me more fashion inspiration, so if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments ! I had such a fun time creating this lookbook so let me know which look is your favourite :)

April 24, 2017

New Bedroom Details

Home decor is my second love, its like fashion but for your room. I am constantly moving things around my room and buying some new pieces to decorate with, I'm constantly trying to perfect my room. I thought I would show you the newest details of my room, Starting off with the black and white striped boxes that I purchased at winners, they are so pretty and remind me of the boxes from Henri Bendal. In the smaller box I store all of my silk scarves, I love silk scarves and have them in different colours and sizes, so having a box specifically for them is a must. In the bigger box I store more of the technology things such as cables, small cameras, extra chargers and stuff like that. Moving on to my night table I added a small gold tray underneath the vase of flowers which is from Home Outfitters. And I moved my vintage handheld mirror and placed it on top of the night table. It is no surprise that i try to make my room look like its from a different time era but still has a few small modern details like my mirror framed picture frames on the wall. Underneath my window I have my cube stand with some shoes and bags but I changed all of the decorations on top, I added this vase of flowers (I love flowers if you cant tell) The vase is from Bombay and the small flowers are from Home Outfitters, I had some of the large flowers in my room before but I just mixed them to create a more interesting look. Beside the vase I placed these two gold boxes which are also from Bombay and inside them are just hair ties and clips, all of my bows and ribbons. On my other night table I added a new lamp, it has a vintage look to it (which I love) My father gave it to me so I'm not exactly sure where it's from. I also moved around some picture frames that I had elsewhere in my room like the square gold picture frame with a picture of the swing by Fragonard on it (My favourite painting- Fun fact) I paired it with this round small picture frame my boyfriend gave me for Christmas, I think they compliment each other perfectly. And last but not least I pulled this white an brown trunk I had under my bed and put it on top of my ottoman at the end of my bed, which just added to the vintage vibes of the room. If you want to see more details  make sure to check out the video below! (while you're there make sure to subscribe !:) )

April 20, 2017

Sunflower Girl

What brings a smile to your face faster than beautiful sunflowers. They are so youthful and carefree, They remind me of laying out on the grass on a hot summer day just staring at the clouds, no worries or stress just clouds and a summer breeze. That was the inspiration behind this look, I recently got this thin corduroy overall dress from Shein  (link here). It has such a childish vibe to it and I'm completely obsessed with it. Overalls are such a fun piece to wear especially in the fall/spring because they can be layered depending on the weather and can be and worn in so many different ways. For this look I wore it with this mustard chiffon blouse that has a slight ruffle to it around the buttons and collar. When put together with the overalls it reminded me of a beautiful sunflower. I've been obsessed with the this dark camel colour lately which is difficult to find this time of year. In the spring the stores are filled with pastels and I am going into stores heading for the sales rack hoping to find some left over camel coloured pieces from the fall.  As for the shoes I wore the dark burgundy sandals from Forever 21 which also give out a carefree look, they remind me of sandals worn by my mom in the 90's, which I am all for replicating. I'm hoping to find some more sandals like this, because these are the only ones I've been able to find that are incredibly comfortable ! I hope you guys liked this look, let me know in the comments below what your favourite flower is :)

April 19, 2017

World Traveler

Who would've guessed that I would be wearing a denim jacket!  I'm not sure what it is but I've been drawn to jean jackets lately they are the perfect piece to own for spring. I found this denim jacket at Forever 21 and I am obsessed with the embroidered detail ! it has these two roses at the front that fall around the collarbone, but of course the best part is the party in the back with the tiger and the words that read "World Traveller." I paired this jacket with a camel A-line skirt... which if you've  been following me for a while you would know its one of my most worn pieces. Really tho a suade camel skirt matches just about everything ! To pull the colour from the roses I wore a red ribbed mock neck shirt which looks perfect against the denim and camel colour. To top the look off I, of course, needed a beret, since it is getting warmer I'm not sure how many more opportunities I'll have to wear berets so I'm trying to make the most of it while I can !  This beret is also from Forever 21  and I am obsessed with the colour and the little pom pom at the top ! It gives any look a playful vibe which I love! What are your favourite ways to wear denim jackets??? 

April 17, 2017

Orange (Faux) Fur + Life update

Hi Guys I wanted to to do a small life update post, I feel like I haven't done one of these posts in a while and with the warm weather starting to appear I thought it would be the perfect time. Starting out with some exciting news I am going to Peru on the first week of May !!! For all of you who don't know I was actually born in Lima Peru and lived there until I was almost 9 years old, which is when I moved to Toronto Canada. I've only been back once when I was about 12 years old so I'm extremely excited to go back home and visit family members and to see how different it is from when I lived there and of course eat all of the delicious food ! Make sure to follow me on instagram to see what I'm up to while I'm away as well as on my youtube channel because I will be doing a travel diary/vlog on my trip. Speaking of youtube I've been having so much fun filming videos and posting 1-2 times a week on there! and some exciting things videos will be coming out very soon such as the travel diary^ and a 70's lookbook, which is currently in the works. If you haven't seen my past few posts you wouldn't know about my current obsession with 70's fashion, I'm not entirely sure where that came from because I've never been  a fan of that era. But I keep buying all of these clothes that are indicative of the 70's  (flared pants, circle glasses and all)  I've been looking at so much inspiration online and trying to find books from that era that will give me more insight. I debated doing a whole post on pictures I've found that have really inspired me so let me know if thats something you would be interested in seeing. As well if you have any recommendations of books I should look at or read let me know !