December 31, 2023

Waving Goodbye to 2023

And just like that a whole year has gone by !  It's crazy how fast time flies. 2023 was a great year, but a less eventful one.... I suppose thats a good thing after the lockdowns and changes society has gone through. In 2023 I dove head first into 1940s fashion, something I experimented a lot with in 2022, I also started dabbling in 1930s fashion. I am narrowing down the era I feel the most myself in. If you've been following my blog/youtube for a while you have seen me go through many phases, my more modern preppy fashion blogger pahse, 1960s, 1950s, and now 1940s. And I can say that 1940s and 1930s is where I feel the the most myself in. The silhouettes are more flattering for my body shape, which already makes me feel more confident. As much as I love the 1950s that was probably the most challenging one for me because the silhouette isn't quite right for me, especially the tops. I feel like this year will be less experimenting and more adding about adding more wearable every day true vintage pieces to my collection. I always have to remind myself I don't need my closet to switch over overnight. A good fashionable collection of wearable pieces takes time to curate so hopefully that will slow down my shopping habits. which is probably my biggest new years resolution. 

This year I also got more confident in my sewing abilities!  I fixed up a few pieces that in the past I would've taken to the tailor. And honestly they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself, considering my skill level. I would've been happy with the results if I paid for someone else to do them so I'm proud of myself for taking a risk. This will help save money and also allow me to save vintage pieces I would've overlooked in the past. This year I want to get more comfortable using my sewing machine, its something I still get nervous about.  I'm going to see if I can take a couple of beginner classes somewhere. Something I would LOVE to learn this year is how to knit. I always see the vintage girls knitting tops using authentic vintage patterns and I would LOVE to dabble into steps of course haha I'll probably start with a scarf. 

Youtube will continue to be a huge priority for me, I love that space and the community I've created on there. Even if youtube as a platform has changed and is only a shadow of what it once was. I'm saddened by the changes in social media and the decline of fashion blogs (ok this happened years ago but I'm clearly not over it lol). Everything seems so quick and rushed now that TikTok and short form content has come into play. However I'm seeing a decline in its popularity now that we are fully out of the pandemic and people are choosing to spend less time online. Now sure if thats a positive given the fact that I'm an online creator myself, but hopefully this means people will be more selective of who they choose to follow allowing for creators to create more meaningful connections with their audience. 

And with that that wraps up my thoughts on 2023 I hope you all had an amazing year!  I am wishing you all the absolute best in 2024. Thank you for supporting me this year it honestly means the world to me. Your support allows me to continue to create and to work on improving my skills to create better content for you.  I can't wait to get started on new posts and videos in 2024 and for us to have many more fashion adventures.  See you all in the new year.



December 23, 2023


Visiting Whitehern right before Christmas. I've taken photos on the outside of the house many times over the years, but I've never been inside! But I saw a promotional post on Instagram saying it was all decorated for Christmas so of course I had to check it out ! It looked beautiful beautiful, It was so fun to see all the different styles of Christmas Trees the family had over the years (through the generations). Most of the furniture and decorations in the house are original to the house and family. A lot of the time these historic home museums bring in furniture from the time period (and look at references) to make the house look as authentic as possible. But in this case they had all of the original furniture which was donated with the house with instructions from the family. There was even a doll in one of the rooms that was gifted to the children for Christmas, and there was a picture of one of the children holding it (from the turn of the century). The tour guide also mentioned there being letters from the mom tlaking about going out to buy the doll. The ornaments on the Christmas trees are unfortunately not original to the house/family but they decorated them as the family would've in their respective time periods.  I am obsessed with the ribbon hanging on the light in the dining room and I'll be trying that for a holiday in 2024! I had so much fun walking through the house and looking at all the beautiful decorations, especially when they are all decorated for Christmas. 

December 20, 2023

Pink Christmas Girls Brunch

My friend Mikayla hosted a pink Christmas brunch last weekend. There was no pink dress code but a lot of the girls that attended love pink haha. I ended up wearing this wool two piece skirt set, with a fur stole draped over it. For shoes I wore these dark grey cut out heels. And to top it off I added a brown 1930s inspired hat. This outfit is incredibly warm and doesn't look too bulky. I think its the combination of wool and fur,  natural materials will always be warmer. 

Below you can find some photos from the brunch. My friend Mikayla of course wore pink. We went to Maison Selby. One of my favourite restaurants in the city. Mikayla quickly decorated the table with pink decor to make it more festive I usually get the french onion burger... its heavenly! But since I wanted to try something different I got the omelette. It's filled with brie and coated with a mushroom sauce..... I mean whats not to like!  It was a really fun brunch and we all had a great time catching up and talking about our holiday plans. 

Thank you Mikayla for hosting ! :)