June 09, 2017

Monochromatic Camel

I've been really interested in monochromatic outfits lately, I keep finding myself matching pieces of the same colour together and playing with texture among them so that they're a bit more interesting. Here in Toronto we've had a few days of rain so the weather got a little bit chillier and I pulled out one of my knit sweaters. I wore this outfit on Wednesday to hang out with Adrienne and to go to dinner with a high school friend of mine who lives out of town. It's a fairly plain outfit but I love the texture from the sweater as well as the details from the pockets on the skirt (Both pieces are from H&M). For a purse I wanted something that had a similar tone to it but maybe with a bit more colour so I grabbed this white and beige backpack from Modalu. This is probably my favourite backpack that I own and, and I honestly wish I could wear it everyday but since its made of white fabric I tend to be very careful with it (I really shouldn't baby it so much, but its just so perfect!). As for shoes, I  tied in the beige/camel tones and went for a pair of fuzzy leopard print heels I feel like they pull the whole outfit together perfectly.  I hope you guys like this look let me know what you think of monochromatic outfits in the comments! 
13 comments on "Monochromatic Camel "
  1. I've been loving the type of vibe that this outfit gives off lately! I love how you styled it ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

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