June 18, 2022

Just in ! - Vintage Goodies I found in St Jacobs

Hello !  I wanted to share some of the vintage pieces I found at St. Jacobs!  If you don't know St.Jacobs is a farmers that is open Thursdays and Saturdays all year round. However in the summer they add an outdoor market and they are also open on Tuesdays. Right beside the farmers market there are two large vintage stores with the most amazing vintage pieces. I took a little day trip on Tuesday and these are the pieces I found!

The first thing that I found was this gorgeous oversized black hat!  I mean look at the beautiful edge!  It's so elegant and perfect for summer. I'm not sure what time period its from but its going to be perfect for some 1940s looks. I own so many black hats already but this is the biggest one in my collection, I can already imagine so many outfits that would look beautiful with this hat. Keep en eye out because it wont be long until you see an outfit featuring this hat ;) 

I also got this beautiful hat with purple flowers!  Normally I don't buy hats with large flowers on them but this one fit so perfectly and the colours were so beautiful that I just couldn't resist!  I think it will look really nice with a plain black 1940s dress and cream lace gloves, that will really make the purple pop! It's in amazing condition which Is always something I look for when shopping for vintage hats.  I cant wait to walk around the city in it! 

Ok this was a bit of a wild card!  Its a children's leopard print bonnet, but it actually fits quite nicely on my head! This will be perfect for the fall with a beige coat and black accessories. I'm not much of a leopard print person but I saw this one on a mannequin and I had to try it on! it's really soft and plush and it ties just under the chin. Perfect for a casual day! 

I also picked up these two brooches, one is a flower and the other a tennis racket. Since the start of the spring I've been searching for some flower pins to wear with dresses. It was very popular in the 1940s to wear flowers and I love how feminine it looks. This one is really small and simple and I think it can work with many different dresses and blouses. The tennis racket ! Ok... so I saw one exactly like this at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show and I didn't buy it. Since then, I have worn multiple outfits where a tennis racket brooch would look perfect....Needless to say I regretted not buying it. I searched online but they were a bit overpriced, the one I saw was $5. BUT I go to this vintage store and there it is!  The same tennis racket brooch for THE SAME price! I grabbed it and didn't let go! Cant wait to wear it the rest of the summer!  (And no... I don't play tennis LOL I'm a poser) 

You guys know I've been loving summer gloves lately!  I've built up quite a collection over the past year, however this is the first time I've seen a brown knit pair!  They are so beautiful with the scalloped edge and small flowers around the cuff. These would be perfect for window shopping around the city.

Last but not least I picked up this BEAUTIFUL vintage magazine from 1939!  I Love getting vintage magazines because they are so fun to look through, it's like getting a glimpse into what life was like in that time period.  Also. the covers are  SO beautiful they make great props for photos! It's funny every time I think of vintage magazines I think of Vogue. But in reality I only own one vintage Vogue magazine! All of my other ones are Life, Teen, Chatelaine and Elle. So for all my fashion girlies out there, don't neglect other Vintage magazines!  I am actually obsessed with this vintage Chatelaine cover, It reminds me of Jamie Beck LOL. Her photography style is very similar and it actually looks a lot like her! Check out her instagram here! 

Those are all of the goodies I found in St Jacobs! I will hopefully be going back at the end of August/ Early September. But I highly recommend you going this summer if you've never been ! The farmers market has tons of amazing food options, You can truly make a day of it! 
Let me know which piece was your favourite :) 

2 comments on "Just in ! - Vintage Goodies I found in St Jacobs "
  1. I love vintage style, grunge, boho chic, I love it.

  2. I love St. Jacobs, have not been there in a few years. Have you ever been to Freelton Antique Mall and Southworks Antiques in Cambridge, Ontario. I once bought a fabulous vintage faux Leopard print jacket there. Have fun with your vintage hunting.
    Pink Pearls xo