June 16, 2022


Summer gloves is something I have always wanted to wear, but it wasn't until I received these gloves from Cornelia James last summer that I became obsessed. These are the India Tulle Gloves (Link here!) They actually added some new pastel colours and I have my eyes on them! I always see photos of women from the past looking glamorous in their summer gloves! but they haven't been popular in every day mainstream fashion since the early 60s.  In victorian times an upper class woman wouldn't be caught dead not wearing gloves out in public! and honestly... goals.

Anyway back to modern times! I was getting dressed and thought these sheer gloves would match my outfit perfectly, I pulled out the box out I realized THE BOX matched my outfit perfectly haha. I love it when things like that happen! I am wearing this vintage 90's does 40s brown dress with magenta and green flowers. You can't see in the photos (Actually its hard to photograph in general) but it has a beautiful peter pan collar and pleating along the chest!  I recently got this little vintage jacket at the vintage soul geek garage sale and and It so happens to pair perfectly with this dress. But thats not even the biggest coincidence! A couple of years ago I bought this vintage hat..... it was a random purchase and I never wore it because I didn't have clothes that matched it. Well, its fairly obvious I do now!  I'm glad this little hat finally got its moment! 

Naturally the shoes are the same green colour, trust me I'm just as shocked as you are that I have this many accessories in this very specific green shade. Now, you are probably wondering why I chose white gloves for this outfit? instead of pulling the beige tone on the dress. My reasoning behind it is because the gloves are sheer so they are less obvious when looking at the outfit from far away. It's a detail you notice when you get a little closer ;) it also breaks up the overly matching from the green accessories. 

Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below! 

1 comment on "Cornelia "
  1. You look enchanting Carolina and this outfit is everything! The styling is perfection, and as always, I adore your photos.

    It's been lovely getting to see more frequent posts from you.

    Love Saba x