July 27, 2018

Visiting the HMCS Haida

Hi Guys, its finally Friday ! I've had such an odd week this week, it was jam packed with activities as well as blog/youtube planning so i feel like I haven't really had any downtown.... which is probably a good thing lol I get bored really easily. I have a really exciting post for you guys today because in the beginning of the week I had the opportunity to visit the HMCS Haida, a ship that served in the royal Canadian Navy from 1943-1963. Participating in the Second World War, the Korean Conflict and The Cold War. The Ship is now anchored down in Hamilton, Ontario and has been turned into a museum. The entrance fee is only a few dollars and its definitely worth the trip to see it!  You get to freely walk about the ship and go up and down the ladders, as they would've at the time. Thankfully my dress wasn't super loose so I was fine going up and down the ladder, I was also really glad that I brought flats just in case because I quickly changed my shoes before boarding the ship. If you are wondering my dress is vintage, I got it at the Toronto vintage clothing market and my bag is also vintage, my shoes however, are from Payless lol. If you are interesting in visiting the historic site click the link here.  I added some (phone) photos below that I took while I was there so that you get an idea of what it's like. But as someone who loves the humanity aspect of history I think its really worth going and experiencing it for yourself. Sorry for the random historical post, I know I typically just talk about fashion but i wanted to show this experience with you and tell you about it in case one  of you guys is interested in going !

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