January 10, 2020

Beige and Lace

It's the start of the new year which always brings a fresh new start. I'm personally trying to declutter my life. I've accumulated to many things over the years and I want to have a less cluttered space and only have pieces I love and use.  Right after new years I decluttered my entire bathroom and got rid of so much makeup and beauty products I don't use and organized them! This allowed me to organize my stuff in a beautiful (more "vintage") way instead of "the most efficient way to store large amounts of products". I filmed a whole video on how I decluttered and reorganized so that will be up next week. I'm excited to do the same with my room/closet. I'm also trying to be more conscious of what things I buy, in 2019 I really focused on cutting out fast fashion and being more responsible with WHERE I was shopping, I'm happy to say I've practically cut out fast fashion from my life (With the exception of shoes). I'm not saying I'll never shop in a fast fashion store again, thats unrealistic,  But I am making the effort to avoid it unless its a necessity (Or for gifts). In 2020 I am focusing more on WHAT items I buy. If you've been following my blog/youtube for a while you would know I'm a huge shopaholic, I love clothes and being able to be creative and express myself through them. But there have been times where I buy things that I love and only wear them once or twice. It doesn't matter if the item is second hand its still a waste to buy something for the little amount of wear as well as it causes clutter in my closet, which stresses me out whenever I open it. I'm going to try to set a more strict budget and I think making lists of things I NEED would be helpful so that if I add new things to my closet its because I need them and not just a random purchase.The whole thing is a work in progress lol but its a start!  What are your goals for the new year?? 
1 comment on "Beige and Lace"
  1. Very classy! I applaud your efforts to shop wisely; it is something more should practice