February 01, 2019

Get to Know Me - 10 Facts

It has been so cold here in Toronto that I've barely been able to leave my house. I've felt so unaccomplished not being able to post on here and sharing my outfits with you guys. They are saying it will be a bit warmer next week so fingers crossed the weather stays at a decent temperature. Since I've been trapped inside my house I thought I would share some facts about me so that you get to know me a bit getter!
1. My favourite movies are Funny Face and Grease. Funny face is iconic for anyone who loves fashion or photography! and Grease is one of my moms favourite movies so i've watched it over 100 times throughout my childhood, its always been a running joke in my house that someone is always watching Grease. 
2. I LOVE chips haha its usually my snack of choice and I will usually choose it over anything. My faves are Doritos and sour cream and onion ruffles.
3. I've never died my hair. When I was in high school me and a bunch of girls bleached some strands on the inside of our hair in cosmetology class. That way when you put my hair up you would see them but when your hair was down they were less noticeable. At the time it was a LOOK but looking back on it our cosmetology teacher was right we all looked like skunks lol
4. My Birthday is June 1st. It's the perfect day because its far away from all the other holidays and the weather is warm without it being too hot. I also share a birthday with Marilyn Monroe.
5. I've never felt "at home" in this time period. To the point of tears...  I've always dreamed of living in the 50's-60's but I'd be fine with anything below the 1970's. I don't know we live in such a strange time with all these technological advances which, in my opinion, complicate things rather than facilitate our lives.  I could talk about this topic forever but i'll spare you my rant lol 

6. I have a strong belief in Ghosts and the Paranormal. I've actually had my own experiences, when I was a child, my house in Peru was haunted we had a priest come in and everything. Once we sold the house no one ever moved in and it's been vacant ever since... it remains empty.
7. I am a city person,  going to an all inclusive on the beach sounds so bring to me. A weekend at the beach is my max. I would rather explore a new city and go to museums and see old architecture.
8. When I graduated high school it dawned on me that I would never be the "new girl" and have some amazing "new school" experience. I think I watch too many movies lol... I still think about it sometimes. 
9. I'm a hopeless Romantic, I love love! Nowadays people are so afraid to show that they are in love and I don't understand why. If you are in love show the world! People act embarrassed or don't want to seem like they care too much. it's so strange because everyone wants their significant other to do these romantic gestures and to make them feel like the most important person in the world, yet they wont do that themselves. How can you expect something from someone when you yourself don't do it? we live in a weird time. 
10.  I'm not a foodie. Food doesn't really excite me tbh lol, I eat it to survive. Obviously there are foods I like and some I dislike but I don't think about food throughout the day, if anything its an inconvenience to stop what I'm doing to eat a meal. 

I hope you guys like these super random facts about me haha, tell me something about yourself in the comments below !  I would love to get to know you guys more ! :) 

1 comment on "Get to Know Me - 10 Facts "
  1. Reading this post was real fun, it's always nice to get to know someone you only see virtually with funny random facts :)
    I'm definitely a foodie so I can't understand how you don't live for food haha, but I completely get the 7, 8 and 9th points, we're the same about that ! :D
    I always enjoy discovering your retro preppy outfits, thank you for the inspiration ♥