January 14, 2016

Red bow

I think i actually have an obsession with bows....90% of the time i have a bow somewhere on my outfit. Whether it be on my head, on my collar, as a brooch... there is always one haha. As you all know chiffon shirts are my life...not being dramatic it's true I wear a different one every day and always wear them under sweaters, I love the softness of them and find them less restrictive than regular blouses. 
Pencil skirts are something I hope to wear more often, I have a few but not enough in my collection, I tend to gravitate to flared skirts die to the girly nature of them. But you can never go wrong with a classic navy pencil skirt ! 
Also on a random note I went to see phantom of the opera last night and it was amazing ! Absolutely loved it ! 

Shirt : H&M 
Skirt: H&M 
Headband: Ardene 
Bow on collar: EBay 
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