March 14, 2016

Navy and Green

Spring is just a week away and i can't contain my excitement! i am ready for flowers and for the trees to actually have leaves on them! but as much as i complain about the cold weather it is nice to live somewhere where we have all 4 seasons. By the end of the summer i am bored of summer clothes and want fall clothing... which is the position i am in now, i am so bored of winter clothing and i am ready for pastels and summer dresses. i am sure that if i lived somewhere where is was mostly warm  such as in LA i would get bored of summer clothes and be sad when i see cute layered fall/winter clothing because i wouldn't be able to wear it!  but you know some people really love summer weather... i do hate snow with a passion.

Since it has been a tad bit warmer the past few days... not below 0! wooo. i have been trying to wear  tights that are a bit more sheer because i think it adds such nice interest to any outfit. i was in a bit of a rut where i would constantly grab black tights because i was scared of getting my coloured ones dirty with the snow... i have to stop worrying and just live. This is one of my favourite tights but i unfortunately don't wear them often enough i love the effect that the lines give, i think it looks so cute and a bit less obvious than  navy tights would have been.  You know what i've  been trying to find!  navy pointy  heels!  i don't know why this is so hard to find !  i have found some rounded toe ones but i want pointy ones so if you see some out there let a girl knowwww! speaking of navyyyy i want to buy every piece of navy clothing i see, in my opinion you can match many more colours to navy than black. Black can be a bit harsh sometimes depending on the colour you pair it with, but navy usually flows perfectly. For this outfit i tried to keep it simple by just using two colours and then adding a neutral (but fun!) pair of tights.

Skirt: Forever 21
Cardigan: Zara
Blouse: H&M
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: H&M
Hat: Parkhurst (The Bay)
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