September 06, 2018

Madrid Through My Phone

I Spent two days in Madrid after seville so I thought I would show you my favourite snapshots from my time there. You'll notice here and throughout my instagram that I'm really interested in architecture. I'm always amazed at older buildings because they have so much incredible detail that were crafted by hand !  Yes they took way longer than buildings today but the results are amazing and loved by everyone around the world.  It amazes me that even with all of the technological advances of today we still can't produce buildings with intricate details. I find most of the buildings these days are plain and glass... well to be fair I live in Toronto which is a fairly new city compared to places like Madrid. I also went to primark for the first time and it was incredible ! (Pic 6 + 8) it was 5 floors and just simply beautiful, it makes you want to shop... which is exactly what ended up happening lol I bought more than anticipated. Aside from our little shopping adventure down La Gran Via we mainly walked around admiring the architecture and eating food on the patios... which can we discuss the view from your average every day restaurant (Pic 5) yea... causal... But anyway I feel like I've been talking about this trip for weeks now, I do have a haul coming up next week so make sure you are subscribed to my youtube channel ! (Link here)
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