May 02, 2024

Early Spring Morning

This was the perfect Spring morning. The air was crisp, the birds were chirping and you could see some flowers starting to bloom. It was also warm enough for me to go out without a coat which is always exciting after a long winter. I am wearing a wool beige skirt with a pleated front, which mirrors the pleating on the front of the blouse. The skirt has a bit of a "faded" texture and colour to it so I decided to pair it with this green blazer that has a similar faded look. I think it makes the whole outfit look very unified. To tie the pieces even further together I added a cream brooch (same colour as the blouse) that has green details that match the blazer. and for shoes I added a brown pair of heeled loafers. It's a fairly casual outfit but perfect for a Spring day! 

1 comment on "Early Spring Morning "
  1. Carolina,
    I really love this look, reminds me of 1930s British models I've seen in old news reels ... A lovely photo shoot .. Happy Spring!