May 25, 2024

Surrounded By Purple Flowers + Victoria Day Tea

Every year these purple flowers take my breath away! They only stay in bloom for a couple of weeks which is such a shame, I wish they stayed all summer long. For this outfit I am wearing a purple knit dress that I thrifted. I paired it with some black accessories, like this black late 1940s hat, gloves and a clutch. I also wore a black skinny belt to cinch in the waist and black shoes. It's my first time wearing these shoes and I love them !  I got them when I was in Seville last year.... ok mind you I got the same shoes in 4 different colours lol. But its my first time wearing the black ones!  I think they paired perfectly with the outfit.


This day was also Victoria Day, a holiday here in Canada to Celebrate the life of Queen Victoria. As a family tradition My family had A tea party with finger sandwiches and homemade treats. Ok maybe there was also Champagne and store bought chocolates involved haha but the rest was homemade! We had Triples, A Peruvian sandwich that has 3 layers; Eggds, Avocado and Tomato. This is made on a thin, soft crustless bread. There are a few different ways to season the ingredients based on personal preference, some people add mayonnaise to the bread and just layer the ingredients dry. My family always chopped up the eggs and mixed them with mayonnaise and salt and pepper (almost like egg salad). The Avocado is mashed and mixed with lime, salt, pepper and a tiny bit of mayonnaise (like a simplified guacamole). 
The second sandwich we had were hot mini croissants with ham and cheese. As treats we had homemade Palmier cookies, which are super easy to make with puff pastry, butter and sugar! 
We also had little vanilla balls which is also a Peruvian treat. Its basically vanilla cookies that have been powdered (put through a blender and a strainer so its a fine powder), Then mixed with condensed milk and vanilla !  Then they are rolled into small balls with powdered sugar (mainly to keep its shape and so they aren't sticky). Some people also add some finely cut pecans or other nuts in the mix but I prefer them plain. I know its not a traditional tea party but it was delicious and fun ! 

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  1. Do you remember much the shoes costed?