May 29, 2024

Early Birthday Brunch

This past weekend I had an early birthday celebration with my friends!  We went to brunch at Daphne, which shouldn't be a surprise if you've been keeping up with my blog and instagram recently. This is my third time going in the past month.... and they just opened their patio and it looks DIVINE! So.... looks like I'll be going back again soon haha (I promise I'll try new places soon). Anyway, so we went to brunch at Daphne, I had the Eggs Benedict and it was delicious (although I wish it came with a side of home fries or roasted potatoes). I also got a cocktail, Right on Thyme and wow this might be my new favourite drink for summer !  One, its a beautiful pink colour, two, it was incredible! For dessert Daphne is always doing the most (the staff is so kind!) and they surprised me with a dessert! We had a great time chatting and eating, I feel like we sat there for a couple of hours. 

For my outfit I wore this 1940s peplum beige dress with black sequin details at the front. I kept the accessories pretty minimal, I wore my 1930s black hat that I've been wearing non stop lately. And black T-strap shoes, and a 1930s handbag. It was raining (ugh) so I draped a black cardigan over my shoulders since it was a bit cooler than I expected. Also if you are wondering as part of my birthday gift my friend Mikayla gifted me these beautiful flowers! So in true Fashion Blogger fashion I had to take photos with them ! 

2 comments on "Early Birthday Brunch "
  1. I love those 1930s vibes !!! .

  2. This was such a look omg!