October 24, 2023

Magic Kingdom

My first time back at Disney World since the pandemic and I have some thoughts lol. While I like Disney as much as the next person I wouldn't say I'm obsessed. The parks are really fun but I enjoy looking at the details they put into it more than anything. The buildings are beautiful and you can't deny there is a certain magic about being at Disney world. However from someone who grew up basically going to Disney every year its sad to see so many changes. The biggest and most shocking is how they basically got rid of Snow White! She's my favourite princess and she has disappeared from the parks. She's only walking in the parade. Speaking of the parade.... it is WAY shorter than it used to be and there were less characters walking between/beside the floats. 
A lot of the cast members throughout the park also seemed annoyed and didn't know the answers to basic questions, like what time the fireworks are.  A few of the food carts ran out of a certain food and they said they didn't know when they would get more. All of which I'm very understanding, but Disney always had a high standard when it coms to their employees,  its part of the magic at Disney. I mean they are not even suppose to point with one finger because Walt Disney felt it was rude. It's all about the details and that is all being lost. There were so many other things I saw that would never happen 10 years ago. It was sad and honestly disappointing. I spoke to a few other people about this and they agreed things have changed and its gotten way more commercial than even 5 years ago. And yes, I know Disney is a business first and money is their main goal.  BUT as a company they knew if they put in money and effort into things they will get more money out of it. I wouldn't call Disney a cheap company they definitely invest in themselves and it always pays off. 

I won't keep rambling because I don't want to be negative, I'm sorry haha! I still had a great time, the parks are still fun!  The lines were long but thats expected from every theme park. I still had fun walking around the park and enjoying the sights, thats probably my favourite part. Oh and the popcorn ! Whenever there is freshly made popcorn I will buy it, I'm a sucker for popcorn. Oh I haven't even walked about my outfit yet!! I wore this pink Vintage inspired skirt with a 1950s sheer blouse (it has pink details at the front). Like I said I'm not super Disney obsessed but even I couldn't resist this vintage 1950s Mickey Mouse Brooch ! It was the perfect little detail to make my outfit perfect for Disney world.  I went on a few rides like the peter pan ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a small world etc. But my all time favourite ride for as long as I can remember is The Carousel of Progress! I loved it even as a little girl. It first debuted at the worlds fair in New York in 1964-65 and now lives at Magic Kingdom. I find it so fun and interesting and the best part is there is never a line! haha. Have you been to Disney World since the pandemic? what were your thoughts? 

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