October 30, 2023

Florida Through my phone

Ok so these are slightly out of order because I wanted a nicer cover photo for this post (LOL) so reverse day 1 and day 2.  But anyway on this day I went to Winter Park!  It was m first time visiting and it was beautiful !  I loved the strip of stores and restaurants and the whole street was filled with people walking around and enjoying the weather. Then in the evening I went to Disney Springs which is always fun to visit because there is so much to see and eat.  

DAY 2 

On "day 2" I went to the Lakeland Antique mall, I heard it had tons of vintage Disney items and also things used in the parks! Which it did !  Wow I have never seen so much Disney stuff together outside of an official store. So many cool things to look at !  However it was very overpriced. I understand items from parks or really old collectable items but even just a regular Mickey Mouse figurine you can get at Wal Mart was super expensive. It was actually interesting how expensive it was. However the non-Disney vintage was very reasonable and I managed to find a few things.  After the Antique mall I went to Krispy Kreme!  We have a couple here in Canada but no near  where I live so I don't get to have it very often.... and we certainly don't have these cool hats! It reminded me of the paper crowns from Burger king (Not sure if they still have them lol).

DAY 3 

On Day 3 I technically went to Disney World but you guys probably already saw that post since it was my previous one. So the day after Disney I went to Celebration, I had always heard it was beautiful so I figured why not!  lets check it out ! There was one cute strip with stores but it was very tiny. maybe 8 stores? It was nice but not worth the drive over if I'm being honest.


I didn't end up taking photos every day so these are the photos from my last day in Florida! I went to Winter Garden, which is different than Winter Park. Again same type of thing its a long strip with stores and restaurants. I had one of the best cinnamon mini donuts in their market ! Wow so good !  Honestly worth going just for that ! They also decked out the whole street for Halloween which was super fun to see! I also stopped by Winter Garden Village to visit the stores. I didn't get anything since its regular fast fashion stores but it was still fun to walk around. For Dinner I went to Cuba Libre, which I also went to the first night of my trip !  Its amazing, highly recommend!! 

If you want to see more of my trip I posted a vlog on my youtube channel ! 

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