December 19, 2017

Sugar Plum Christmas

Christmas is only a few days away,  I'm almost done all of my shopping ,yes I'm stressing because I'm not finished! I still have to wrap the majority of my gifts, which I think we can all agree, always takes longer than we expect it to. But I'm incredibly excited to spend a few days hanging out with my family, opening presents, eating food and watching christmas movies.  Another thing I love about this time of year is the amount of dresses and parties there are, you go into any store and its filled with party attire and sparkles. If you have a big Christmas party to go to consider going in a non-traditional dress !  This particular "Princess" dress I'm wearing is from Metisu and it is the Sky Blue Floral Embellished Lace up Midi Dress (Link here). I love the tulle skirt which is something you don't see very often in dresses anymore (At least not in the adults section). The pastel blue is dream like and makes me think of a fairy princess especially with the flower embellishment. This is the perfect dress to wear while eating some macarons and strawberry short cake, especially when wearing a silver headband.

If you want to see a small Christmas short featuring this dress make sure to check out the video below!

3 comments on "Sugar Plum Christmas "
  1. The photos are so cute!


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