December 26, 2017

New Years Eve Outfits !

We are starting off with my favourite look of the bunch and the outfit that  I will be wearing on new years ! I bought this colourful sequin dress from H&M and I'm soooooo happy I got it because a couple of weeks later they were all gone ! I layered the dress over a sheer black bodysuit from forever 21, which I think looks perfect together.  what makes this outfit is the green (Faux) fur draped around my shoulders, I got it from Forever 21 and its seriously so warm and soft. I want to wear it everyday for the rest of the winter. And of course I had the add a little sparkle to the outfit so I put on this silver sparkly necklace and earrings.  

The second look is so much fun and totally something you could wear at any point in the year. I personally love wearing silver on new years so this look is perfect !  I wore this white sheer blouse from Shein and a shiny silver skirt from H&M. On top I just wore a silver "fur" coat (Tbh... not sure what material this is, its not fur but I don't know another way to describe it.... feathers? That if you actually look closer has bits of  shiny thread going through it. I think this coat is perfect especially if you live somewhere where it gets a little colder around new years. I topped the look off with a white beret and dangly silver earrings.

Probably the most elegant look of the bunch which features this long sheer dress from Forever 21. I love the sparkly sequins that covers the entire dress because it gives its such a beautiful detail without it being too much. I layered the dress over a long chiffon skirt from Urban planet.  I also wore a simple black bodysuit underneath the dress and a black bralette to give it more dimension and interest to the outfit. For jewellery I just wore these silver sparkly earrings that I thought matched perfectly !
Let me know which outfit is your favourite ! I'm slightly torn but I think i'll be wearing the first outfit to ring in the new year. 
5 comments on "New Years Eve Outfits ! "
  1. Love the second look!

  2. I like look 2 your legs are so beautiful

  3. You are so beautiful, you should have real furs, because they are beautiful and elegant!

    1. What a barbaric suggestion.

  4. The second outfit is very tasteful, but I think the first outfit is the best!