December 01, 2017


Starting off the lookbook is probably the "pink-iest" of the looks as well one of my personal favourites! The main part of the outfit is this amazing light pink tweed coat, that my best friend Adrienne found for me while thrifting (Shoutout go follow her on instagram link here.) As you guys know a tweed moment is always a good idea, I decided to pull some of the lighter pink from the coat for the sweater so i am wearing this - also thrifted- cashmere sweater (Similar Link) . I paired the sweater with these amazing plaid pants from Uniglo. Again trying to pull colours from the coat I grabbed this pale rose pink beret that I got from Stradivarius while I was in Spain (Exact link here,) but my favourite part of the outfit might just be the small handbag. I have always been obsessed with mini bags I think thats the style of bag I mainly buy, i occasionally buy a crossbody bags I mainly gravitate towards mini hand held bags. This particular bag I found at winners for $25 can you believe it !  It was a such a steal for such an incredible bag!

The second look has a bit more rocker but still girly look, It definitely has a "Kate Spade feel but its not as cutesy as the first outfit. Since I wanted the hot pink to be the main focus of the outfit I kept the rest of the outfit neutral and one colour. To give it interest I played with different textures and Subtle patterns. For the blouse I am wearing a simple black blouse from Armani exchange that has a round crew neck collar, which is perfect for layering under collar (faux) fur pieces like this one that I found at Winners. The Patent leather skirt I'm wearing is from Express, I love the way it pops even in an all black outfit. To add a bit more interest I wore these AH-mazing dark grey polka dot tights  that add so much playfullness to the outfit ! Adding fun coloured or printed tights is such an underrated technic that was highly used in the 60's, which is probably why I love that era so much. 

The third look is a bit more street style with the oversized denim jacket and plain skinny jeans. I've been looking for a denim jacket with a pink fur collar for so long and I'm so happy I found it at winners (There are so many amazing finds at winners I'm telling you!) I paired the jacket with a plain cream coloured ribbed top from H&M, super basic I got it last year and I wear it underneath everything ! As for the jeans I am wearing these simple retro high waisted black skinny jeans from Garage (Exact link here) and some black skinny heel booties. To tie the pink in somehwere else in the outfit I wore a pink bow on my ponytail,  I've had this hair bow since I was a little girl so I'm not exactly sure where its from but its really special to me because I've had it for so long and I am still able to wear it. 

The fourth and final look is bringing it back to the light pink shade. I am wearing this amazing fuzzy pink sweater that I got from Forever 21 a few years ago and it has been a favourite of mine ever since, Its incredibly soft and flattering (And I mean look at the colour its perfect) I paired it with these grey plaid overall pants from Romwe (Exact link here) I think these pants are so figure flattering because they cinch in the waist and then have such a dramatic flare that makes you look way taller than you actually are (at a sad 5'5 I'm all about that extra illusion of height) I also love that you have the option to criss cross the overalls at the back for a more comfortable fit. For the shoes I just wore some simple patent leather black kitten heels, which seems like I'm always wearing them.  To top the look off i had to accessorize starting with this light pink beret which just so happens to match the sweater perfectly. The beret is from Simons and its the newest additions to my ever growing beret collection (Exact link here) For my earrings... they actually belong to my Mom (Or should I say belonged... because I don't think I'm giving them back) Hoop earrings have been everywhere lately and while I'm not a huge fan of the traditional hoop earrings this style of dangly circle earrings give of such a different vibe and I am obsessed with .
If you want to see the looks in motion make sure to check out my Pink Lookbook video on my youtube channel linked down below !

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