November 18, 2015

Royal blue

In attempts to add some colour to my fall/winter outfits i added a royal blue coat to an all black and white look. Black, navys, and reds are the colours i gravitate to the most, i find it hard to find bright coloured coats but i am obsessed with this coat from Laura. We have been so lucky with the fall weather this year, normally we should've had snow by now but we are still in the 12-15 range which is amazing!!  i haven't been able to get much wear out of my gloves but i am sure i will get a change in the next couple of months. these pictures were taken early in the morning so it was a little bit colder so of course i grabbed these furry leather gloves! 
i've been seeing these style of gloves everywhere this year!  we'll.... technically mittens, i have already gotten a couple of pairs already. 

Coat: Laura
Gloves: globo 
Pants: Jeggings from american eagle 
Shirt: Forever 21 
Boots: Globo 

2 comments on "Royal blue "
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