November 09, 2015

Red dreams

This was one of the last days of the "warm streak" we had this week, we were lucky enough to have some above seasonal weather for november. I took advantage of the great weather to stroll around downtown and spend some time outside, it wont be long until we are standing in a foot of snow. (ugh)
White tights is something i love wearing especially in the winter... i know what they say.. no white after labour day.. but constantly wearing black tights can get very boring, so i like to switch it up with white whenever possible, especially in the day time. this outfit is great for a relaxed day, this forever 21 skirt has an elastic waist which makes it super comfortable along with this cotton blouse (also from forever 21) 
Strappy heels with tights is a current obsession of mine, i think it adds a certain "girlyness" to an outfit. The key is to pick shoes that have a closed toe this will give the illusion of a "winter shoe" as well as it hides the seem from the tights. 

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