November 27, 2015

Black Beret

As you guys know i am an advocate for colourful outfits..... i like the coloured tights and dresses but i too fall in the trap of the oh so classic black and white outfit. There is just something so simple yet chic about a monochromatic outfit that sometimes i break my own rules of always including a touch of colour.  As mentioned before (you have also probably noticed) i always have a bow somewhere in my outfit, tying a bow around my shirt collar is one of my favourite ways to wear a blouse.  I think it adds a certain femininity  to an outfit yet still looks polished and "suit" like, a perfect combination. You always hear people say a girl always needs a little black dress, while this is true i also think that a girl always needs a simple, basic black skirt.  A black skirt can be combined time and time again to create multiple outfits without anyone noticing you are repeating pieces. 
Berets are basically the only types of hats i wear, i don't know if its the simpleness of them or that they remind me  of the most stereotypical french girl  ever. nonetheless i think they are a staple in every girls wardrobe. This clutch has been a recent buy of mine... and i will let you in on a little secret... it isn't even a real clutch its an ipad case and if you were to open it up you would find a cushioned lining... hey! at least my phone will be safe! i am definitely on the look out for more (faux) fur bags i think they look super cute for the winter time! 

Coat: Mendocino
Hat: Coach 
Skirt: Forever 21
Shirt: Forever 21
Clutch: Winners 

1 comment on "Black Beret "
  1. This outfit is so classic yet so much fun because it is different. I really like classic outfit like these, you look stunning :)