April 20, 2016

Mothers Day Gift Guide!

So it's that time of year were we like to treat our moms to something special to remind them of how much we love them and appreciate all that they do. Mothers day is on Sunday May 8th so i recently went shopping for my own mom at Oakville Place in Oakville, Ontario where i saw so many beautiful things that i think would be perfect for mom!  I decided to put together a group of perfect presents to give you some inspiration. 

The first thing is perfume! Every woman loves perfume so it makes the perfect gift for Mom. I went to Shoppers Drug Mart  because they have a huge selection of high end perfumes, that maybe Mom wouldn't buy for herself, so I figured it would be nice to spoil her. The first on the list is Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana it is such a beautiful scent ! Some of the notes include papaya flower, white amaryllis, white water lilly, cashmeran, and sandalwood. It is a floral scent and is perfect for spring! and i mean come one! look at that bottle!
The second perfume I picked out is Lancomes la vie est belle which is my favourite out of the two! its a much warmer fragrance with the notes being iris, patchouli and gourmand which gives it a warm sweet scent, similar to a mothers hug.  It is a beautiful fragrance that can be worn all year round and the bottle is also stunning.

When I was walking around Oakville Place i noticed a new store!  a Yankee candle store! This is very exciting seeing as there are no other yankee candle stores anywhere near  the area. Yes you can find other retailers that sell these candles, but actually being in the stores gives you a much bigger selection! One of the fragrances that I was drawn to was Pink sands (not just because its pink!) but because of the beautiful scent! it is a mixture of bright citrus, florals and vanilla. This scent will take you away on a tropical vacation!  which as we all know, Moms deserve!
Another scent I love is vanilla cupcake (it's actually my favourite candle! ) it's very sweet and it does small exactly like a cupcake! it makes me think of when i was younger and my mom would bake cakes and cupcakes :)  i also find that most people like it when their homes smell like a bakery, its such a warm and inviting scent!
And lastly if your mom isn't into sweet scents or tropical scents there is always catching rays! which is a very fresh clean scent !  like the smell of fresh air on the first warm day after a long winter. the name is very fitting! 

Bath and body works is also a great place to shop for mom! there is such a big selection of scents you can choose from! You don't even have to stick to one scent you can pick different things out so that Mom has different fragrances to wear on different days. One of the fragrances I picked is Hello beautiful...and i mean who doesn't want to hear that in the morning! hahaa! and yes as you can guess from the packaging it's a floral scent. The notes include white gardenia, Jasmine petals, and magnolia blossom. I love this scent especially for spring! and I am sure mom will love it too!
The second scent I chose is Limoncello, a very fresh scent ! with notes including sparkling lemon, sugar mint, and fresh verbena! it will make her feel like she's on vacation because it is such a refreshing scent.

For the moms who aren't into fragrances clothing is always a good option! as we step into spring the weather is very inconsistent it will be cold in the morning but by noon it will be warm, and some days are just cold. Therefore I think a new trench coat is perfect!  Trench coats are a staple in every woman's wardrobe so I stepped a little out of the box and went for a red one!  Most woman when they buy a trench coat they think of the traditional beige coloured one but red is so different and will make a woman stand out. This particular one is from RW&CO  (and i am not going to lie.... I want one for myself) it is a very thin and soft material, I am very particular when it comes to trench coats because some can be a bit to stiff for my liking but this one is incredibly soft  and fits like a dream!
Skinny scarves tied around the neck are a big trend right now, so why not keep Mom up to date with the latest fashions and get her one that can be paired up with her new trench coat! This beautiful polka dot scarf is also form RW&CO
To tie the whole outfit together why not get Mom another staple for her wardrobe, one that she can wear over and over again....small black heels!! I personally love to wear these during the day they go with so many different outfits and can be worn over and over again without anyone noticing you've been wearing them for 2 weeks straight. This particular pair is from Payless Shoes and they are honestly the most comfortable pair of heels (i own my own pair!)

For the spring days that are a little bit warmer (and for the upcoming summer!) a floral dress is a perfect gift for Mom! This dress is from Melanie Lyne and i think the print is absolutely beautiful and the colours are amazing, i haven't seen many dresses like this, so it is sure to make your mom stand out! 
If you would like to add something else to this gift, a pair of heels would match perfectly! This light blue pair is from Payless Shoes  and they are incredibly comfortable to walk around in and are also in such a unique colour that your mom will be dying to wear them!

A purse is also a great gift! i mean what woman doesn't love purses! in my experience moms tend to buy purses that are are in a colour that can be used with many different outfits such a black, gray, or blue. But I think for mothers day lets get mom something different and add a pop or colour to her wardrobe! This purse is from H&M  and it big enough to fit all of those things moms carry in their purses haha and at the same time making her look very stylish.
if you wanted to add a little something extra why not add a pair of shoes that can be worn with the bag. Since the purse is such a beautiful colour you don't want to add another colour to compete with it but rather something that would compliment it. A plain pair of nude heels would be perfect! its something mom can wear with multiple outfits, especially this spring and summer :)  This pair is from Payless Shoes 

And Last but certainly not least you could head over to Pandora and get mom a new charm or a whole new bracelet. It is something Mom would constantly have on her wrist and it would be a little reminder of you thought the day :) Oakville Place just opened a new Pandora store and let me tell you it is beautiful!! one unique thing they currently have is that they are the only location in Oakville that sells the rose coloured charms, which is sure to make your mom stand out when she is wearing her bracelet around town! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and got some inspiration if you were stuck on ideas on what to buy for mothers day.  Please share this post if you found it useful :)  And don't forget to give her a big kiss and tell her you love her!  Moms don't get tired of hearing it! 
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  1. Love these gift ideas, especially the candles. :)
    Fash Boulevard

    1. haha thank you! hopefully you found it helpful! :)

  2. Oh no I better get shopping for Mothers Day lol! Candles are always a great option and I've always been a fan of the ones from Yankee candles


    1. haha yeah only a couple of weeks left!! and yeah! yankee candles are a great gift!

  3. What lovely mother day gift ideas :) I like them all!


  4. What a great selection of gift ideas! I love them all, and especially the 'La Vie est belle' perfume, the burgundy bag and the floral dress. Speaking as a mother, whilst I do love Yankee candles, I would prefer a mother's day gift that I wouldn't buy myself and that isn't for the house -something that's just for me, so probably that would be my least favorite!


    1. i love that perfume its one of my new favourites! and i see what you mean about the candles, based on my mom she would be SO happy with yankee candles because she loves them so much ! haha but yeah not everyone feels the same way :)

  5. Love all of these ideas! Those flatlays are gorgeous! Have a great weekend.
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  6. The red trechn is a dream!
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
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  7. Lovely post! Thank you for all the great ideas. :)


  8. Those are great idea! I would go with a candle ☺
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  9. Absolutely love all the gift ideas <3 thanks for sharing, now I know what I should buy this mother's day :)

    Kisses Ashon

    1. thank you! i am so happy it helped you ! :) :)

  10. Great ideas for Mother's day!


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  17. This is really nice!

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  18. i love yankee candles *_* they are such an amazing gift *_*

    1. haha they are! i feel like all their candles smell amazing!

  19. these are great gift ideas! great photos too!

    Life is just Rosie

  20. Btw Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog :)

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