September 22, 2017

1960's Inspired Fall Lookbook

Its the first day of fall ! To celebrate The arrival of my favourite season I put together a little fall lookbook inspired by the 1960's. The 1960's were a great time for fashion due to its rapid change and diversity.  The early 1960's were completely different than late 1960's, The early was more conservative and reminiscent of the 1950's and as sales began to decline designers knew they had to come up with something new. They began to take cues from european styles, in particular london. Jackie Kennedy was one of the first to take inspiration and applied it to her already classical style by wearing bright colours.  She, at the time was a style icon and after John F Kennedy's death disappeared from the spotlight as did her influence on the fashion scene. Soon after Beatle mania arrived not only was their music popular but also everything London style dominated. And thus London Mod was born. This first look is inspired by that style, I am wearing this short plaid dress that has red, blue and black on it as well as a little black collar. Overtop I wore this Blue peacoat that is a little bit shorter than she dress but overall around the same length, I wanted to create the bulk of the outfit on the top with a bit of a short hemline to create the appearance of longer legs. To accentuate that I also wore these burgundy knee high tights which were very popular at the time ! and paired it with matching coloured heels to elongate the legs. 

This second look is inspired by the ivy league fashion of the 1960's. This look was very desirable among the middle class and its one of my personal favourites. You guys know i love anything preppy and scholarly so this style is perfect for me. As I mentioned above the second half of the 1960's was revolutionized and the use of colour was very popular. Coloured tights were everywhere, as well as overly matching your outfit which now a days would seem a like too much. For this look I am wearing this thick emerald green turtleneck from Jcrew paired with these gingham overalls from Topshop, I matched the sweater with these emerald green tigths and green beret.  

Again for the third look I am throwing it back to London mod but in a much more playful way. I am wearing this red a-line trench coat which is one of my favourites for the fall !  I love wearing red so this outfit screams me. In the 1960's short a-line coats were all the rage because it keeps the outfit heavier on top and gives the appearance of longer legs (Think of a lollipop... or toddler fashion) Under the trench coat I just wore a red skirt that is about the same length as the trench coat and a simple white shirt underneath. Of course you can't have a 1960's inspired lookbook without having some outrageous circle lens sunglasses. These ones are from metisu and they have these beautiful pearls all along the rim. I paired the look with these circle earrings that mimic the shape of the sunglasses, a trend very popular in the 1960's. To top the look off I of course had to incorporate the go-go boot!  One of the most coveted fashion trends of the decade, these white boots were everywhere! 

For the last look I picked something a little more casual, I paired this skirt and vest that aren't technically a matching set but when put together look like they could be. Under the vest I wore a simple long sleeve white blouse and for a pop or colour I had to wear these red tights which pull the  the red in the outfit. As well as I tied my hair in a red ribbon on the top of my head, a style popularized by Bridget Bardot in the 1960's. For shoes I wore these little block heeled shoes which were very much in style at the time. since I was doing a 1960's lookbook I had to incorporate a camera from that time period and this is an argoflex seventy five camera that I fount in an antique market. I hope you guys like these looks ! let me know which one was your favourite int he comments below !
pictures by: Adrienne Naval 
2 comments on "1960's Inspired Fall Lookbook"
  1. Awesome look, styled so perfectly for the new season!

    Anika xo |

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