August 03, 2017


Hello ! I hope you are having a wonderful week heading into the long weekend. It's crazy that its already the middle of the summer... well a little past that its August 3rd lol and I don't know about you but I'm hyped for fall ! I am starting to see all of these fall pieces slowly coming into stores.... and yes..I am guilty of buying a couple of things haha. But its still very hot outside and I have a bunch of summer clothes I haven't had a chance to wear yet. One of the newest additions in my closet is this beautiful lemon and flower print overalls! Gah they are amazing ! They are from H&M and I wanted them from the moment they first appeared in stores. They were a little pricy for such a bold print that I wouldn't be able to wear over and over so I didn't get them right away. They then disappeared from stores and I couldn't find them anywhere. Adrienne was shopping and saw them at another H&M location and they were on sale so she bought it for me!  I honestly couldn't be happier!! I love it paired with this ruffled blouse form Zara, I think having both the ruffles on the shirt and the overalls creates such interesting texture, I'm obsessed!  To make the look a little more bold I wore these Ah-mazing gold shoes, again from H&M. I hope you guys like this look, let me know your thoughts on this lemon print set! As well as make sure you check out my July haul (link here) to see what else I've bought this month ! 

4 comments on "Zest "
  1. Beautiful outfit!

  2. I love your outfit! That overall is to die for! <3

    Ellone |

  3. wow! you look like as princes!

  4. Nice article! I am in love with your blog. At prices rates your site so high I couldn't resist to check it out.


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