August 08, 2017

Royal Botanical Gardens

Ahhh the Royal Botanical gardens... such a beautiful place to go for a walk in. You guys know how much I love flowers, so being surrounded by them is practically heaven for me.  I spent the day walking around the garden with my mom and my little cousin, we talked the whole day and just took in the nature around us. I don't spend as much time outside as I would like to, so taking a day to slow down and smell the roses (literally) was perfect. For my outfit I just wore a simple white floral dress from Zara, I got this a couple of years ago but I feel like they always have stuff similar to this dress in the summertime. I also draped a little pink tweed jacket over my shoulders to bring in some more pink into the outfit, and that one is from smart set. Of course I had to wear a sunhat! probably my favourite summer accessory ! I don't exactly remember where I got this one from but it has a beautiful pink ribbon that ties as a bow in the back. For my bag I grabbed this mini yellow handheld bag fro zara, my absolute favourite style of bag! I think smaller structured bags give a touch of elegance as well as add a bit of vintage vibes to any outfit.  Of course since I was going to be walking around in the garden I opted for some white flats. I hope you guys like this look, sorry about the length of the post but I wanted to include more pictures from the flowers and the fountain.
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  1. Beautiful look :)

  2. Beautiful!


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