August 10, 2017


Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful week ! I've spent most of the week working, and shopping to prep for my trip at the end of the month !.... I keep buying shoes that i probably don't need (help)  I'm so excited to wear all these tropical outfits I've been saving to take to the canary islands, it will be a great way to end the summer ! Stores are starting to fill up with fall items and I know once  I come home form my trip I'll be ready to start transitioning my clothes because it will be September. But for now I am enjoying the last few days of summer ! For this outfit I am wearing this gorgeous pink floral dress from Metisu ! I am obsessed with the colour as well as the rose print all over it !  This is the Pink Embroidered Jacquard Belted waist midi dress (link here), it fits like a dream and my favourite part is the metallic detailing that lines the roses. I think it is such a beautiful touch that elevates the dress. For shoes I just wore these light pink heels that match the lighter pink in the dress (seriously its a perfect match!) I think the dress mixed with the smaller heels gives off such a 50's vibe which you guys know I love!  For a little more interest I added a little fluffy gold flower pin, I very rarely wear pink like this most of the ones I wear are metal so it was fun to wear something a little different, 

2 comments on "Roses "
  1. Beautiful dress!

  2. At first I thought after reading the caption of this article that its something related to your wedding lolz.But after reading the whole article I came to know that its about your chic dressing.


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