June 16, 2017

Red Rose

This dress is nothing but perfection !  I'm completely obsessed with it and I could honestly wear it every single day for the rest of my life. I recently got this dress from Metisu and it is the Red off the shoulder lace evening dress (Link here). ah... where do I  start.... first of all the dress is red my all time favourite colour to wear, I think it works really well with my skin tone/hair colour, and idk I always feel so comfortable and confident while wearing red.  I love the beading that drapes over the shoulders I think it adds such a beautiful detail to the already amazing lace. It also has a beautiful faux belt that cinches in the waist which makes the dress incredibly flattering when paired with the off the shoulder silhouette. While wearing this dress I was getting major vintage vibes, I felt like I had just stepped off a time machine, which if you've been following me for a while you would know I'm all about! They don't really make beautiful fitted dresses like this anymore (well they do clearly ^) but they are harder to find, especially in store. I want more feminine dresses that have that fit and flare shape to them, I think they're incredibly flattering and they create such a beautiful delicate look. What are your favourite types of dresses?
Photos by: Adrienne Naval 
3 comments on "Red Rose "
  1. Such a beautiful outfit!


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