January 25, 2017

Ruffled Sweater

Ruffled tops have been in style ever since the beginning of the fall and it seems like they've  transitioned into sweaters this winter ! I simply cannot get enough of them ! This particular sweater is from Shein if you are interested here is the exact product link!  Ever since I got this sweater I've been wanting to wear it non stop ! Its such a twist on the plain white sweater and it adds so much interest to an outfit. I paired the sweater with a denim skirt with buttons on the front and topped the look off with this green cabby hat. You guys know how much i've been loving cabby hats lately so every time I see a unique colour I have to have it ! As for shoes I went for these knee high boots which are actually a little out of my comfort zone when paired with a skirt,  but I really like how it looks all put together with the rest of the outfit. This outfit was perfect while walking around the city and getting coffee :)

4 comments on "Ruffled Sweater"
  1. I love your hat tho! It's a really nice add-on to the already good combo!

    xx Margaret

  2. I want this Shein sweater!
    Areli // Areli's April blog

  3. I absolutely adore that sweater, so so beautiful!!


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