January 27, 2016

Shorter Hair

i have had long hair for as long as i can remember, except for an incident when i was five where i thought it would be a good idea to give myself bangs... needless to say i rocked a boy haircut for like a year. I don't know if it was that incident and the fact that my grandparents friends thought i was a boy during that time but i became very attached to my hair. Once i was a teenager my mom, naturally, had less control over how often i needed haircuts and what the haircut would be so all throughout high school i had really long hair. I refused to cut it and the times i did, i cut such little amounts that i didn't really get rid of split ends. I have never fully dyed my hair but in grade 11 when i took a cosmetology class in school i got these 2 blonde streaks on the inside of my hair, so when you put your hair up in a ponytail you have two blond lines.... the horror...trust me it was a trend.... or at  least it was at my school  and a lot of girls got them done in the class.

 By the time i was in college those blonde streaks grew out... thank god... but i did ombre My hair . Since i have dark hair to ombre it the hairdresser basically added bleach to lighten the ends, bleach over split ends from years of minimal hair cutting...and add the use of a straighter everyday.... my hair was not the healthiest but if i straightened it it could pass for healthy because it smoothed the ends. I guess i got lucky or i was using the right products for my hair that my hair didn't totally fry. While in college my hair was the longest i have ever had it which was down to my hip bones but at that point i could notice the damage at the ends of my hair so i decided to cut off all of the dead pieces which left my hair at around the boob area. since my hair was so healthy at that point it grew so fast and less than a year and my hair was down to my ribs again. At that time i bored of my hair i had basically had the same haircut since i started high school so i chopped it all off till a little bit passed my shoulders (scroll down on my instagram). And i actually really loved it! my boyfriend wasn't as thrilled because he liked my long hair...so for about a year and a half i let it grow without cutting it. When i cut it short i got a blunt haircut so when it grew out it was really heavy and since my hair lacks volume at the top the weight made it even flatter so i decided it was time for a change...so here we are...my hair is probably at around the underarm fold length (lol) filled with layers to give it more volume, i originally wanted it a little bit longer but i still really like the result and it definitely gives me much more volume. i always see pictures of girls with shorter hair (this is short for me..) and i think it looks so pretty so hopefully i can do it justice and i am excited to play around with different hair styles... i am yet to curl it! eeek excitement!

Sweater: H&M 
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