August 24, 2022

The 163rd Queens Plate - 2022

The Queens Plate is BACK! My favourite event of the season is finally back after being gone for two years (Covid...) The Queens Plate is an annual horse race that has been held since 1860 (Known as the Kings Plate from 1901-1952, When the raining monarch was male) It's Canadas Oldest Thoroughbred horse race, and the longest consecutively held race in North America.  Queen Elizabeth II is a patron of the event along with other members of the Royal family who have attended on numerous occasions throughout the years. The last time The Queen attended was in 2010. This year The Queens representative in Ontario was present. I believe this is my 5th time attending and I always have an incredible time! 

I try to switch up the colour of the outfit I wear, mainly because it's an excuse to wear a  different coloured fascinator every year haha. This year I found this incredible beige and black fascinator on Etsy (Link here). I paired it with a vintage 1940s black dress that has a bow at the back, it reminds me of a bustle lol. For my purse I used this little vintage bag I thrifted a couple of years ago, and while it looks small its actually quite roomy and held a lot of things! For shoes I wore a simple pair of T-strap heels and of course I had to add some Vintage crochet gloves to finish off the look! I also took the opportunity to bring my vintage binoculars!  They are Birks and a gold colour with mother of pearl, The are a work of art! I love them so much. 

This years Queens Plate was a bit smaller due to construction on the grounds. Usually they have a big stage and more food trucks but this year I only saw two. it was still really fun and they had a big bar in the middle. As you can tell from the photos is was very cloudy and luckily it didn't rain! They were calling for  80% chance of rain all day but I guess the rain shifted to surrounding towns and cities (it was pouring the night before tho, hence the puddles on the ground) Either way I had an incredible time and I can't wait to go back again next year!  If you want to see more of the prepping process and also a vlog of the day check out my video below! 

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