August 26, 2022

Carnival Games

The CNE is back !! They haven't been able to host the carnival in the past two years because of the pandemic. The CNE has been held since 1879 and has only been cancelled once during its run and that was during WWI,  they needed the space for recruitments and training ..... That is until the pandemic. They actually have a whole section on their website about the heritage, I had a lot of fun looking through it!  You can check it out here

 I was so excited to go back so I picked out the perfect outfit a few days in advance. I wore this simple pink dress that has flutter sleeves, it  has a very 1940s look to it. I was taking photos in front of the food stand and the guy working there gifted me a cotton candy because he said my photos would look better!  I actually somehow got it on video, you can find it as a recent post on my instagram. It was so sweet and it did make the photos 10x better!  Oh and I also added a gold carnival brooch to my dress because it  seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear it! I had such an amazing time and I'll probably go back again this week! Stay tuned! 

2 comments on "Carnival Games "
  1. An absolutely stunning look Carolina! I love the dress, and overall styling, and the attention to detail you always show. I adore the golden carousel brooch! Such a sweet touch.

    It's been lovely seeing regular posts on your blog, and I was excited to see new content when I visited today.

    Love Saba x

  2. love the photos!! the dress suits you well! :)