November 15, 2021

1960s Uniform Dress

I spent most of last week restoring this beautiful 1960s matching set.... however I am still missing the last button on the jacket.. sigh the search will continue until I find it. This outfit reminds me of Madeline, over the years I've noticed that I've bought  items that remind me of outfits she would've worn... i'm not sure why? its not a book I read a lot as a kid, Either way,  It was my first time restoring a vintage piece and I had so much fun ! I actually want to practice more sewing and hope to improve my skills in the new year!  If you want to see the whole process check out my latest video!

6 comments on "1960s Uniform Dress"
  1. A really lovely outfit and post Carolina.

    It's fantastic that you're learning to restore vintage clothes.

    Keep up the great work!

    Saba x

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