November 15, 2021

1960s Uniform Dress

I spent most of last week restoring this beautiful 1960s matching set.... however I am still missing the last button on the jacket.. sigh the search will continue until I find it. This outfit reminds me of Madeline, over the years I've noticed that I've bought  items that remind me of outfits she would've worn... i'm not sure why? its not a book I read a lot as a kid, Either way,  It was my first time restoring a vintage piece and I had so much fun ! I actually want to practice more sewing and hope to improve my skills in the new year!  If you want to see the whole process check out my latest video!

November 03, 2021

Cheer Sweater

Nothing like a vintage cheerleading sweater! It's a great way to wear "odd" colour combinations. I would never thing to pair green and yellow together but in this case it works perfectly! I got this sweater from Etsy, tis a true vintage 1970s cheer sweater, I paired it with a vintage white pleated midi skirt and matching yellow ribbon in my hair ! 

October 23, 2021

Tweed Matching Set

Is there anything better than a matching set?? I love this vintage tweed set from the 1960s, its so perfect for a cold fall day and even going into winter (If paired with the right accessories) I am wearing this set with a vintage 1940s hat from Etsy [Link to shop here] I also paired it with this little thrifted handbag that has the mot beautiful beading ! This look was part of my Fall Lookbook! If you haven't seen it you can find it below! 

October 17, 2021

Blue Plaid Dress

Its been such an odd start to the fall, it's been very warm and the leaves have barely changed. But its been nice to enjoy some warm weather that isn't too hot like the summer. it was the perfect opportunity to wear this plaid dress which has been in my closet since last year without being worn ! it's vintage from the 1950s and has the most beautiful silhouette. This look is also part of my Fall Lookbook which you can find below! 

October 05, 2021

Vintage Dress Early Fall

I can't believe its already October!  Time is flying by! While the weather is starting to cool down I decided to wear an outfit I've had in mind for so long! Its this beautiful vintage dress  and jacket set in red and blue tones (From Ian Drummond). I paired the dress with a vintage handbag and hat. I actually thrifted this hat a little while ago for a few dollars and its one of my favourite finds! This look is part of my outfits of the week video which you can find below! 

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