March 22, 2020

Movie Recommendations For March 22nd- 28th 2020

Rebel without a cause - 1955
One of my personal favourite movies! Natalie Wood is amazing in this movie and of course James Dean! Its about Jim Stark starting over in a new school and new town. He somehow still finds trouble but also falls in love with Judy. 

The Rear Window - 1954
Jeff, a professional photographer is stuck in his apartment after breaking his leg. Out f boredom he starts to spy on his neighbours and finds some shocking information. You really cant go wrong with a Hitchcock film and Grace Kelly (Dressed fabulously of course!) I think we can all relate to being stuck at home LOL

Atonement - 2007
Young Briony falsely accuses her sisters lover, Robbie (The Housekeepers son) of a terrible crime. Atonement is an amazing movie with a stellar cast! It won an Oscar for best original score and was nominated for 6 others including best picture. I feel like most of you have already seen this movie but if you haven't I highly recommend it !

Testament Of Youth - 2014 
The Life of Vera, an upper class woman, who's life changes when Word War 1 starts and her brother and fiance are sent to fight the war.  The movie is based on a true story and has an amazing cast!  Its also filmed beautifully and conveys so much emotion.  

The Book Thief - 2013
The movie follows a young girl who lives with her adoptive parents in Nazi Germany. She begins "borrowing" books from and sharing them with the Jewish refugee they are hiding in their home. It's definitely not as heartbreaking as other movies set during WWII, but its still a beautiful film.

Changeling - 2008
After Christine's child goes missing she reaches out to the police for help, a few months later they find a boy matching his description but she insists its not her son. I recommend this movie all the time! It starts off a bit slow but you have to watch it till the very end! Its heartbreaking and filled with depth. Not to mention its attention to detail and costumes. 

The Secret Garden - 1993
A young girl is orphaned by an earthquake while living in india. She is sent back to Britain to live with her uncle. She then discovers a garden... a Secret Garden. This was one of my favourite movies growing up and I watch it from time to time. I've never seen another movie quite like it, it almost feels like you are watching a dream. 

Somewhere in Time - 1980 
In 1972 a playwright becomes obsessed with Elise, a turn of the century actress, while staying at the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island. He learns that time travel is possible through concentration and hypnosis. He travels back in time to meet her. It's a beautiful story, its one of my fathers favourite movies. 

Cruel Intentions - 1999 
Two upscale New York step siblings make a bet to seduce the new headmasters daughter. This all changes when Sebastian falls in love with Annette. A more controversial film, but if you enjoyed gossip girl you will love this movie!  There are tons of parallels between the two.  

The others - 2001 
(I know a lot of people don't like horror movies but I am a HUGE horror movie fan! so I had to throw at least one in)  A woman lives in a dark house with her 2 photosensitive children. After a series of events she begins to think her house is haunted. It's been a movie that stays with you after you've watched it!  If you guys want me to do a list of just horror movies let me know!
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