March 29, 2020

Movie Recommendations for March 29th-April 4th 2020

Can't Buy Me Love - 1987
This might actually be my favourite 80's movie ! It is SO SO good! its about the "nerdy" kid Ronald who makes a deal with the popular girl in high school and pays her to be his girlfriend to help boost his social standing. It is so fun! AND Patrick Dempsey is in so I mean....
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Down With Love - 2003
I wouldn't say this is an award winning movie... However the clothing in AMAZING!  I get major fashion inspiration.  Catcher Block, plans to seduce a writer (Barbara Novak) who preachers that women don't need a man to make them happy, However he starts to fall in love in the process.
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In Paris When It Sizzles - 1964
A romantic comedy featuring Audrey Hepburn. A young assistant helps a veteran hollywood screenwriter by acting out his cinema fantasies. As you can see from the photo above... the fashion is top notch, as most Audrey Hepburn films are haha  but this one in particular.
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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- 1985
Another amazing 80s movie!  Janey, a former gymnast, moves to a new town and meets a carefree lynn ! Who encourages Janey to disobey her strict father and to audition for a televised dance competition. She is paired up with a dance partner who she begins to fall in love with. Overall a really fun movie ! I used to watch it a lot with my mom when I was a teen, the movie screams 80s with the big hair and leg warmers lol 

That Thing You Do- 1996
This film is SO underrated! Written and directed by Tom Hanks and set in the 1960s. A small town band recruits Guy to replace one of their band members are getting injured, he was the key to launch them to stardom. 

Drive Me Crazy - 1999
After Nicole is dumped by her boyfriend Brad, she finds herself without a date for the centennial dance. She and her neighbour chase come up wth a plan to pretend to be a couple so that they can each make their ex's jealous. This plot like isn't incredibly unique (The first movie on this list has a similar plot LOL) but it has its own charm and its set in the 90s instead... Come to think of it there is a 2000's version too with love don't cost a thing. 

About Time - 2013
When Tim turns 21 he is told a family secret which is that all men in his family can time travel. He then meets Mary, and wins her heart via time travel.  He goes through some life hurdles which he cant fix with time travel. Truthfully its one of the most romantic movies I've seen, it really shows you the process of a boy falling in love from his perspective. Sometimes in movies you just accept the characters fell in love but this movie really shows you WHY he loves her. It's also really sad and will pull at your heartstrings but its a must watch! (I have the trailer linked below but I recommend you only watch the first half of the trailer) 

Casablanca - 1942
"We'll always have paris". A true classic, If you haven't seen this movie... what are you doing? during WWII Rick a nightclub owner besides to help her former lover Lisa and her husband. However Lisa's feelings for Rick resurface. I wont say move because this movie should be seen by everyone. "heres looking at you, kid"
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Little Manhattan - 2005
A feel good story, that pulls at your heart strings. A 10 year old living in manhattan falls in love for the first time, But he's confused about his feelings because his parents are in the middle of a divorce. It's so cute my heart could burst.
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Love Rosie- 2014
This movie is on Netflix. Rosie and Alex have been best friends since childhood and never saw themselves as a couple. However when life starts drifting them apart they start to realize they should be more than friends. Its a really fun romantic comedy !
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