November 27, 2019

Red Plaid and Red

Another Plaid Look! This one is a bit more festive that yesterdays look  but I can't help but wear red this time of year! I am wearing this plaid Pinafore dress from Topshop and I paired it with a red Sweater from JCrew! I really wanted to outfit to tie together so I chose red tights to make the outfit look more complete. For shoes I just grabbed some square heeled shoes that have a MOD look to them. I finished the look off with some red ribbon in my hair! If you want to see more of this outfit make sure to check out my plaid lookbook below! 

4 comments on "Red Plaid and Red "
  1. Really cute outfit, I would wear saddle shoes or my black/white keds with it!

  2. Another absolutely gorgeous outfit - yet again you have styled red tights beautifully! Kx

  3. Hello, I am totally in love for this outfit !!! Very very cute ! I love your style, i will follow your blog. And I 'm sure I will talk several times about you on my blog.
    I've published a first post about plaid dress and this look is one of the example. it is in french but there is a selection for cute outfits from international blogguers !

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