August 28, 2019

Warplane Museum

I recently went to the Warplane Museum, a place I haven't been to since I was in elementary school. At the time I didn't really appreciate it or to think of all the history that goes along with all the planes. For me it was just another field trip which meant I didn't have to be in a classroom that day. Growing up I never really liked History class, not sure if it was because of the teachers or all the dates you had to memorize or that there was so much focus on the actual battles and the strategies they used.  I was always more interested in seeing the effects of war and the life of the people living in that time, which surprisingly we didn't really cover... it as very "textbook" and not a lot of the human aspect of history.  As someone who loves fashion its important to know history because whats going on in the world has a huge influence on what people wear. for example in the 1940's clothes were more simple and modest due to fabric rationing ,which completely changed the design from early 1930's (Even  resulted in slightly shorter hemlines due to lack of fabric)   as well as women started to wear pants as they entered the workforce while the men were fighting in the war. Thats the type of information that I find really interesting, it doesn't have to be about fashion it could be the effects the war had on food, toys, relationships etc. I wont post a whole history lesson lol but if you guys are interested in a more informative blog post for a particular decade let me know and I can do some research and put one together!  As for the outfit I am wearing, I have this navy blue floral dress from Monroe with some burgundy heels and a vintage burgundy bag. For my hair I just added these 2 flower clips! Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below! 
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