March 19, 2019

White Boots

The last few days of winter are here and I can't wait for the streets and gardens to be filled with flowers. I always forget how difficult February and March are, but once they are here it feels like it drags on forever. "Seasonal Depression" is something that's talked a lot about this time of year because of the amount of isolation that happens during the cold months. The short hours of sunlight, not going places to avoid the cold, You don't really see people because you just want to do everything really fast so you can get back home to the warmth. But those days are slowly moving past us with the arrival of spring on Wednesday and the days following look very promising! But as much as I want it to be warm outside, things don't happen that fast so I am bringing you this final winter look. I am wearing this navy plaid coat with a white faux fur collar from Forever 21, I layered that over a white knit sweater and some black shorts. For tights I am wearing these white tights with small polka dots on them !  They are so cute and feminine ! But I think my favourite part of the outfit is the boots  I got these boots from Amazon a while back and they are so much fun ! They are white and patent and I love that they give any look and instant 1960's feel ! Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below! 
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