March 04, 2019

Beara Beara - Lila Adjustable Bag

Hi Guys I hope you are all having an incredible day ! I typically don't create posts dedicated to a single product but I recently ran across this bag and I just had to share it with you ! It from the Brand Beara Beara [Link here] it's an incredible brand based out of London, but made in Bolivia. While the company has a range of beautiful bags the main reason why I was drawn to this company was because of their efforts in creating bags that are sustainable and made in good working conditions. The company was founded by Jake Bullough, a travel writer living in Bolivia. On his journey he met Julia, who along with her family created and sold bags in a small shop in a back street of the city.  Impressed by the craftsmanship they began a collaboration and creating these stunning bags. This helped Julias struggling business and eventually improved her and her families living conditions. "The idea of encouraging employment has always been a huge motivational factor and we now provide full or part time employment to over forty people." [ Quote from the website where they talk about their story, [Link here if you would like more details] All bags are handwoven and made in traditional manor that has been passed down through generations. The bags are made from Leather and extremely durable. When I received the bag I was so impressed with how sturdy and beautiful it was, I know its a bag I'll be using for many years to come.This particular bag is the Lila Bag [link Here]. Its a multi-functional bag meaning you can wear it 3 different ways! My Personal favourite way of wearing it is by carrying it by the top handle. I think its a nice way to dress up any outfit because of its elegant design.

The straps are really easy to change/adjust because the clasps just simple click around the metal loops. The clasps look like those big ones for key chains so you can dangle your keys or the clips for rock climbing.

My second Favourite way to wear this bag is like a backpack. If you want your hands free but still want to carry a purse a backpack is perfect! I love that the shape of this bag makes it look really vintage and classic. I personally love structured bags, especially in backpacks because its not something you see very often. The straps again, are adjustable so you can choose how long you want the straps to be! I like my backpacks a bit more fitted to the body, I think it looks a bit more polished so I just moved the hole for smaller straps. 

Last but not least the last way to wear this bag is with the long strap, you can wear it across your chest or by just letting it dangle on one shoulder. I'm personally not a big crossbody bag person so I always opt for just letting it dangle on one shoulder. since its the same strap as the ones you would use to make the backpack, you can select how long you want the strap to be. So you pretty much get three bags in one when you purchase this bag ! 3 different styles and can be dressed up and dressed down ! 

I as many others (Especially fashion bloggers/influencers) have fallen in the trap of constant consumption, Always buying the latest things and the need to always have new things to show. In 2019 the effects of fast fashion are unavoidable and i think its starting to shift the fashion industry. I am very guilty of this and its something that has been weighing a lot on my shoulders. If you follow me on youtube you would see that I post monthly hauls and compared to say a year ago you would see that there is a huge decrease in the amount of things I buy. the reality is that not everyone can afford to buy sustainable clothes/products. They tend to be more expensive or just simple not attainable. However I do believe there should be a change in the amount of things we buy, The habit of buying something and wearing twice needs to stop. I am personally trying to shop less in fast fashion stores and starting to thrift/vintage shop more as well as looking for more incredible brands like Beara Beara. They make reasonably priced bags that are amazing quality all while supporting ethical working conditions. Their story hits close to home seeing as I was born in Peru. Even tho I was fortunate growing up,  I did see people on the street trying to make a living and I know how much of a difference a company like this is making for the people of Bolivia. They currently only have 40 workers but with a bit more support they might be able to expand! And make a difference in more peoples lives. With that in mind I'll leave the link to their website again in case something catches your eye! [Link here]  I know I currently have my eye on the Alex Handbag in black [Link here] Let me know your thoughts on the bag down below ! 
7 comments on "Beara Beara - Lila Adjustable Bag "
  1. The bag is so cute!

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