October 05, 2018

Falling for Orange

I've found this love for the colour orange over the past year, I've talked about this on my blog before because I've never understood why everyone hates on orange. Even when walking around the mall you wont find a big selection of orange clothes, which I find really odd.  For me personally red is my favourite colour to wear, but orange is a close second. I can acknowledge that people are slowly starting to wear more colour than they have in the past few years. There was a point where everyone walked around like they are at a funeral, black clothes everywhere. I've never been one of those people I've always loved colour and constantly obsessed with matching my outfit perfectly! Something I inherited from my mom and grandmother, I feel like its something that people valued a lot before. In 2018 you have a bit more freedom with clothes and colour combinations, Where as a few decades ago everything had to perfectly match (Think of the 50's-60's) While that may be a little limiting, I find it really fun!  I feel proud when I made the right colour combinations to perfectly match an outfit... its like solving a puzzle ! For this particular outfit, I pulled the orange from the plaid on the overalls and but also wanted to add some interest so I layered the sweater over a white button up shirt (Again pulling white from the plaid overalls.) I also added some white knee high tights for extra warmth. But I think my favourite touch to the outfit are the saddle shoes... I have been looking for saddle shoes for SOO long ! They are the perfect shoes for the fall, pretty much matching everything ! let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below ! 
3 comments on "Falling for Orange "
  1. The bag is so pretty!


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  3. Awesome outfit, I had a hard time finding saddle shoes as well, but I luck out and found this website. The navy I find go with alot of my clothes.
    I was considering the beige pair but I have a pair of Stone coloured keds that I wear. I might get them later


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