August 08, 2018


Hello Guys! Happy Wednesday ! I thought I would kick the day off by letting you know that I'm thinking of switching up my posting schedule and frequency. Lately I've been posting content every single day (Or at least I'm trying to) I usually post 3 times on my blog (Mon, Wed, Fri) and twice on my youtube channel (Tues, Thurs) as well as two instagrams daily. I'm finding that it might be a little too overwhelming, not only for myself, but also for you guys to keep up with.  I've been feeling slightly frustrated because I haven't been able to put as much time and effort into each post and video due to time constraints. which leads to some lower quality content with less engagement. Therefore I'm thinking of cutting some stuff back and only posting twice a week on my blog and once on my youtube channel (If you're not subscribed the link to my channel is here) I think this will result in higher quality content and more informative videos that don't seem as rushed. I'm really excited to get a little more creative and only post stuff I really love and I'm proud of. I'm also trying to learn some more video editing techniques to make my videos better than they currently are!  However there will be some weeks where I might be posting a but more if I do something exciting and end up having more content, an example of that would be my upcoming trip to Spain! I have a few posts and videos planned out, but I don't want to spread that out over an entire month because thats just annoying for you guys haha. so I will more than likely post more frequently during those 2 weeks. Let me know your thoughts on the new changes in the comments below as well as any recommendations of posts/videos to make while I'm in Spain! 

As for this outfit that I'm wearing... GUYS I am obsessed with these sunglasses !!!!  OK I know these might not be everyones cup of tea (Trust my BF hates them lol) but I think they are so groovy and amazing ! I got them in a random shop when I was in niagara on the lake and they were only like $15. I love that they sorta like like TV's I think its comical but amazing at the same time? Let me know what you think ? Would you wear these? I also recently got this little cropped knit... sweater? no its short sleeved...? knit top...? whatever it is, its amazing. I've been super into daisies lately and I'm not really sure why ?  I keep seeing daisy print things and I automatically want them! I actually have to stop myself form buying them because I know this is probably phase and I'll get over it in a few weeks (Anyone else get like that? cuz same)  So far I've been good and I've only bought 2 daisy print items, this being one of them, so I'd say I'm being really good with my shopping habits. Anyway I paired this top with these brick coloured flared pants, I love these! I actually got them at winners on clearance for like $5 ! And last but not least I am wearing these platform heels from H&M! I think this helps give the outfit a 1970's look which if you know me you know I love referencing another decade with my outfits. I think that is something I want to incorporate more of in my upcoming posts, as well as a bit more writing like in this current post! I'm really excited for new things to come and I hope you are to !  
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