February 17, 2017

Yellow and Black Print dress

Hello, Happy Friday ! It is finally the weekend hope you all had a wonderful week! I  wanted to show you guys a quick outfit which would be perfect for strolling around and doing some shopping, or going out for a sunday stroll. I am wearing this yellow and black splatter print dress, it's almost like a leopard print. I think the colour is so fun and definitely a much more interesting choice than just a plain coloured dress. I paired it with black tights and and plain black heels... which I feel like is my go-to. For warmth I added a fur collar that ties up into a bow at the front, giving a very girly, vintage vibe to the look. I hope you all have a great weekend ahead! I'll be doing tons of relaxing and attempting to reorganize my closet. My boyfriend is away for the the next two weekends so no big plans for me, except going to the opera on Sunday. What about you what are you doing this weekend? 
February 15, 2017

Emoji Beret

As all of you have noticed I have a slight obsession with berets!  I feel like they can complete an outfit as well as keep you really warm during these winter months.  For the most part I have a lot of plain coloured berets but I wanted to try something different and give this gorgeous Emoji Beret from Aldo a shot .. and I am obsessed!!! I love the pops of colour and the chain dangling down on the side  :) I tried pulling the same colours for the rest of the outfit so I wore this colourful houndstooth skirt from Topshop and a red turtleneck sweater from JCrew. I layered my favourite little black jacket from H&M, i've worn it countless time on the blog! To pull in a bit more yellow I grabbed this little yellow crossbody bag from Banana Republic. I've been trying to wear a bit more colour and stray away from constantly wearing black in the winter so I switched it up and wore white tights instead of the typical black. A perfect outfit for hanging out with friends and doing some window shopping :) 

February 13, 2017

Mustard Yellow : Two ways to wear it !

I feel like it is the time of year where we are all stuck in a winter rut, we are tired of the bitter cold wind and short days. Mind you I am still loving winter clothing but I am ready for spring weather ! A great way to start transitioning into spring is to introduce  lighter colours into your outfits. I've been loving mustard yellow lately so I thought I would show you guys my favourite mustard yellow outfits :)  For the first look I went for a lighter colour palette and paired the yellow with beige. I love keeping outfits in the same colour family, I grabbed a mustard yellow pleated skirt and paired it with a knit sweater of the same colour, wearing this on its own actually looks like a dress because the colours match perfectly! To keep the colours light I wore white tights, nude coloured shoes and a beige coat. To add a bit more interest and to introduce another colour I wore a dark beige beret which i think ties the outfit together nicely. This outfit is perfect for a nice walk around the city.

For the second outfit I paired the mustard yellow with navy blue, I love the combination of these two colours together! its so nautical but still appropriate for the winter time! I am wearing this Mustard yellow cardigan that has little gem buttons and I pared that with these pin stipe navy blue pants (which I must say, are the most comfortable pair of pants!) I wore that with a navy blue coat with gold buttons and some black high heeled booties ! But i think what makes this outfit is the bag !  I am wearing this mustard yellow bah with gold hardware on it! I love this outfit and in my mind it'sthe perfect going out to lunch outfit! 

February 10, 2017

Perfect S-Waves using the NuMe 25mm Curling wand

I have never been a master are doing my hair, but these lose waves are seriously the easiest hairstyle you can do! Its perfect for every occasion, date night, walking around the city, or even an event. It only takes me a few minutes to style !

The first thing I do is brush my hair! You want to start of with hair that is knot free because it just makes the whole process of styling your hair easier. I just use any regular paddle brush, this one is from Forever 21.  just make sure you start brushing from the bottom and work your way up to prevent any damage to your hair!

I then section my hair off because I like working on small sections and this keeps things a little bit neater ! I use a scrunchy to tie up my hair because it it easier to take on an off than an elastic is, as it's also  less likely to get caught in your hair. (ouch!)

To curl my hair I am using the NuMe 25mm curling wand. I've always avoided curling wands mainly because they don't have a clamp. I don't like the idea of having my hand so close to something so hot (i'm clumsy and uncoordinated ok..) But this wand Heats up so quickly and makes curling my hair a breeze. I can style my entire head in less than 10 minutes which is perfect when you are trying to get ready in the morning !

when curling my hair I pull all the hair forward (from the section that is down) I like to take small one inch sections and wrap it around the barrel, away from my face and holding it for about 10 seconds (my natural hair is straight and stubborn). I then let that piece drop and bring it to the back of my head, so that it's out of the way! I do that for the rest of my hair. I don't use the glove it comes with to hold my hair because I find it difficult to grab the hair properly, and it always slips out of my fingers. just be careful not to burn the tips of your fingers when holding the hair close to the barrel.

When all of my hair is curled I like to look at all of my hair and see if there are any pieces that need a bit more curling, If so then I just re-curl them to match the rest of the hair! You don't have to make it perfect because its suppose to be lose anyway so if some pieces are more structured than others thats ok ! 

Of course you have to set the hair so I use a little bit of hairspray, not too much because the weight can weigh down the hair and straighten out the curls. I like so use Sebastian Shaper Plus hairspray, its been a favourite of mine for a couple of years! It really holds the hairstyle and I love the scent (it smells a lot like sunscreen)

And thats it ! That is how you create these loose S-waves, i've been wearing this hairstyle a lot lately. I love how its not a tight curls and it looks a bit more natural and carefree than standard tight ringlets. I hope you guys like this look and if you want to see a video demo on how I do this hairstyle click here!  If you try this look out make sure you send me a picture on twitter or tag me on instagram so that I can see it !  :) 
February 06, 2017

Blue Fur

Faux fur has been all over the place this winter ! especially coloured fur which has been one of my favourite ways to wear it, it's such a fun way to wear colour and add a bit of interest to an outfit. For this outfit I am wearing this blue black and grey fur scarf which I think is such a great statement piece over a plain black coat. I really wanted the fur scarf to be the main focus of the outfit so I draped it over my shoulders and cinched it in with a belt to give the outfit a bit more shape. I kept the rest of the outfit fairly minimal with black shorts (and grey tights underneath)  and a plain white turtleneck for warmth. I grabbed a some sunglasses and a metallic silver clutch and headed out the door. I hope your guys like this outfit, whats your favourite way to wear (faux) fur ? 

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